So, I had this post ready to finish up after my workout this morning, but it was SO GOOD, that I decided to tweak it up a bit.

gymbag-phenohIf you caught my Instagram earlier, you saw my gym bag filled with a carton of pHenOH 7.4. Guys, I’ve been drinking it like it’s my job!

Through my partnership with SweatPink, I was recently given the opportunity to test out PHENOH 7.4 – The World’s First Alkaline Sports Drink. As always, all opinions are my own!

phenoh-reviewLet’s talk workouts and what to drink when you workout. I have a wonky stomach, so I am always cautious about what I consume, pre, during and post workout. Because of the huge amount of sugar and other such unpleasant things, I’ve stopped drinking Gatorade and most other sports drinks. I’m all about real food fuel.

I usually stick with water during workouts, but when I found out about PHENOH 7.4, I knew I had to give it a try. Each 16oz container holds 2 servers, boasts only 7 ingredients, 30 calories and 330mg of potassium per 8oz serving, and has a ph of 7.4.

Bet you are wondering about the ph, right? Me too.

alkaline acidTurns out, sports drinks are generally 100 times or acidic than coffee and 30,000 more acidic than blood! Our body is naturally alkaline, with a ph of 7.4 actually, but exercise and stress cause the production and even build up of acid in our body, which can produce negative effects.

The info pamphlet that comes in the case of PHENOH gives a little analogy that helps explain this perfectly. I’ll give you a little paraphrase (without the fun little cartoon!).

Think of acid as heat. When we exercise, we produce heat and acid. The more produce, our body tries to cool of by sweating. Now imagine you are drinking a sports drink, that is already acid – already hot – you are putting more heat and more acid in your body. No bueno.

Because PHENOH is alkaline or basic, it is helping your body get back into balance during and after your workout. It’s specifically designed to match our body’s ph and keep it there.

Cool, huh? Am I the only science nerd here?

Now, this drink has been AMAZING for me during my hour long teaching sessions. And during my workout this morning. Drinking water is fine, of course, but the PHENOH gives a little extra kick and seems to keep me going longer.

phenohSome of the performance benefits of PHENOH 7.4 include:

  • Increased VO2Max by up to 10%
  • Boosts endurance
  • Enhances peak athletic performance
  • Buffers acidic metabolic waste during exercise and stress

You are wondering how this tastes, right? Is it as good as the sugar laden sports drinks we are all used too?

It’s primary ingredient is Organic Aloe Vera. This is not always the best tasting liquid, but paired with Organic Agave Nectar (allowed on my 30 Day Challenge!), Vitamin C, and more, this becomes a pretty tasty drink. I enjoyed it on it’s own, cold. However, since I normally take a giant water bottle to the gym or when I teach, I filled up one serving of the PHENOH and the rest with water. The taste is similar to coconut water, but not as sweet. The Workout Bud loved it too.

benefits phenohMy favorite way to drink the PHENOH was with one of my Arbonne Fizz Sticks. I’ll share that little recipe tomorrow!

If you are interested in trying PHENOH 7.4 out, make sure to head on over to their website. There is tons of info on the drink, alkaline vs. acid balance, and you can even purchase!

What do you drink during your workouts?

– Jen.

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