If you’ve come to any of my fitness classes over the past couple weeks, chances are you’ve heard me raving over my Phenoh 7.4 + Arbonne Fizz Stick sports drink. It’s my favorite.

I shared all about Phenoh 7.4 yesterday, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to pop on over and take a peek.

I wanted to pop into today real fast and share a recipe for my all around go-to drink of choice these days, whether I’m teaching a class or trying to do a little workout planning or studying.


arbonnefizzsticksenergyThese little guys are packed with flavor, provide energy for that early morning/mid day slump, and contain no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

For those soda (or pop…what do we say in the Midwest?) drinkers, Fizz sticks will give you that fizzy carbonation from your Coke or Pepsi, without the extra calories and additives.

The Fizz Sticks come in two flavors, Pomegranate and Citrus, and convenient little stick packs that can easily be added to any water bottle.

Studies show that Fizz can help temporarily reduce fatigue and promote alertness and endurance. Each pack contains B vitamins and Chromium to help boost energy, along with caffeine dervived from botanical sources (green tea and guarana). The best part is that each stick boasts only 2g of sugar! A 12oz soda can contain up to 25g of sugar. Big difference!

arbonne-fizz-stickFor me, the pomegranate was easy to like, right off the bat. It’s fruity and not too sweet. The citrus, on the other hand, I was told was not very tasty. The first time I tried it, I added it to a smoothie with citrus flavored superfood greens (don’t ever make the mistake of buying citrus flavor – no bueno) and pineapple. It was pretty good, but I was still a little weary of drinking with citrus on it’s own.

Enter my favorite way to drink the citrus Fizz. And it tastes a bit like lemon lime gatorade…


The 30 Day Healthy Living and Beyond Challenge (are you joining in May?!) package set provides 2 boxes of Fizz Sticks. Since coffee and soda are not recommended on the detox, Fizz sticks can quickly become your go-to drink.

The Workout Bud even loves them. He will add just the Fizz stick to water and then freeze his cup for a little bit. Slushy Fizz Freeze. Got a little ring to it right? Perfect for summer!

Speaking of Workout Bud, we measured him this morning and he has already lost nearly 3 inches in his waist and hips and 1 inch in his chest!

If you are still on the fence about joining the 30 Day Healthy Living and Beyond Challenge in May, be sure to hit up the Arbonne tab for more details. Plus, there may or may not be a little giveaway for one lucky reader that will get the detox kit at my discounted price – nearly half off!

**All opinions are my own. I was not given any compensation for writing about Arbonne Fizz Sticks. I just happen to LOVE them and wanted to share with my awesome readers!

Are you a soda or coffee drinker?

– Jen.

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