Make-your-monday-legendaryHappy Monday!

How are you guys doing? How was your weekend? Did it go by too fast again?
Friday and Saturday we had BEAUTIFUL weather. I slept in a big after not feeling good on Thursday. I did some random things here and there, went on a walk along the water and then hung out with my siblings for dinner and a movie, since the parents were out of town.

walk-mondaySaturday was pancake day, which turned into scrambled pancake day. Topped with chia seed jam and homemade almond butta – heaven. Shortly after, The Boy and I went on a long walk/hike at a park in the area. We worked on his smile for our engagement pictures. If you are a FRIENDS fan, do you remember the episode where Monica and Chandler get their engagement photos taken and Chandler can’t smile (start at 1:02 mark)?

Well, The Workout Bud is just the same. He has the best smile when he is just laughing, but anytime I say, ‘Smile’ it all goes away. We also talked about some wedding day stuff, just need to actually purchase and do more planning. Less than 50 days! We had tasty trash bowls for dinner, went on a few more walks, I read and did my chapter 3 questions for Precision and then we ended the night with Hitch.

smileI subbed a bootcamp class on Sunday morning. I had about 26 or so people in class, in a tiny little studio. We made it work and I got lots of great feedback on The Workout. I recycled my Frightfully Fun  HIIT + Isometric Workout and it turned out great. We had planned to take our engagement pictures right after class to avoid the afternoon rain, but it ended up raining in the morning.

So, instead, The Boy and I had a much needed gym date. I’d been lifting heavier the past couple weeks, but I didn’t want to move up in weight too much until I had him there to spot me. I got my squat up to 175# for reps and 155# for reps for my deadlift. I was benching 85# for reps (about 5), which is cool because my 1RM for bench this time last year was 95#. Moving on up.

musclesI planned on a healthier take on my mom’s Broccoli Cheese Chicken Casserole (which I made and tastes amazing and will be on the blog soon!), but The Boy surprised with a dinner out for salmon and fries. A celebratory dinner for being accepted as a FITFLUENTIAL AMBASSADOR! I did a little shout when I found out on Friday night. See that pretty badge on the right side! Super pumped.

Even more pumped for today. It kicks on a busy week of teaching and ends with my Bridal Shower, where I get to see my girls!! Here’s to another Monday…

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Fun fact: Magnolia’s are my FAVORITE flower. favorite.

Make your Monday LEGENDARY.

What was the best part of the weekend?
How will you make your Monday Legendary?

– Jen.

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