REAL TALK: I’ve been slacking up on sharing some Back to Basics 2015 Bridal Bootcamp workouts with you guys. Really, I’ve been slacking on sharing workouts on the blog in general. Which is crazy, because with all the classes I’ve been teaching and creating workouts for, I should have enough for weeks of posts.

Forgive me?

The thing is that sometimes I like to just create special workouts for the blog. Especially with the Bridal Bootcamp series.

kettlebell-complexMORE REAL TALK: sometimes I just don’t have time. Running a blog takes a lot of work. Along with teaching classes, working on growing a personal training business AND planning a wedding! Plus, I haven’t found a solid spot to take photos for workouts or videos for tutorials. I go back and forth between just holding off on that part until I find a good spot and just going with what I have and shooting a workout outside my apartment.

The brick wall outside the apartment won today.

Like it? Scroll down a little to see it and then come back up.

So, kettlebells.
I love them.
My bootcampers love them.
We have a few kettlebell workouts here on the blog.

In class, we are just working on the swing, rack squat and windmill.ย We are doing drills without the bell at all too. Practicing the hip hinge and windmil movement without any weight. They are doing great. But I’m still seeing a lot of squat swings.

I’ve been trying to incorporate more kettlebell movements into my workouts. I want to nail the Turkish Get-Up. Plus, always trying to build the upper body. So, some of the movements I’ve been doing before/after a lifting session include: the swing, clean + press, and windmill.

The other day, I started stringing these movements together into a complex. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to warm up.

What you will need is a kettlebell that you can use for all the movements. I can swing a lot more than I can currently press, so I went with a 12kg or 25# bell.

You will complete 1 rep of each of the moves, without setting down the bell. So, swing to clean to press to windmill to rack squat, then swing, etc. Complete 5 reps of each of the moves before moving to the other arm. Feel free to do 2-3 sets, depending on where you incorporate this complex into your workout.

five-move-kettlebell-complexIf you need actual video tutorials for these moves, Girls Gone Strong, Karen Smith (she rocks) and Neghar Fonooni are my GO TO places for assistance on nailing kettlebell moves. Make sure to check them out to ensure you have proper form.

Sporting my first lululemon purchase, the RUN: SPEED SHORT. My favorite CORAL PULL OVERย from Target. And my brand new ASICS FORTIUS-TRย (the greatest shoes!)

And, linking up with the fabulous Jill Conyers today.

PLUS, My girls are coming into town soon! And the bridal shower is tomorrow! Can’t wait.

What is your weekend looking like?

– Jen.

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