eshatki-reviewLike my pretty dress?!

This is a first for Burpees for Breakfast: a fashion post.

Back in my days working at LOFT and when What Not to Wear was on, I was quite the fashionista. Now that I work from home and teach fitness classes, I ‘dress up’ when I go to church (i.e. jeans, flats and a real bra) or on those days that I just want to look pretty.

It’s not that I don’t like dressing up or wearing a skirt or dress, but it’s not very conducive to squats or lunge jumps.

eshatki-reviewHowever, I’ve come to find, as my quads and booty grow larger, that dresses seem to fit much better than pants. It seems the only good pieces for the bottom of a fit girl are leggings and dresses. Am I right?!

See how I just circled back around to dresses?

The lovely coral/orange dress I am working in these photos is from eShakti. It’s an awesome e-commerce site with customizable dresses, skirts, tops and more.

eShakti believes that all women have the right to wear affordable fashion that is made for them and makes them look their absolute best.

Amen? Yes!

eshatki-reviewThere are so many great options, it was so hard to pick which dress I wanted. I originally picked it for our engagement photos, but when The Workout Bud found a salmon colored button down that he ‘had to have’, I had to pick another dress. Too much coral/orange/salmon.

But, as you know, us brides have more than enough excuses to wear dresses and look fancy in the days and months leading up to the wedding. I wore this baby to my bridal shower last week even (It was a hit and everyone is pumped for the surprise at the end of the post)

The cool thing about eShatki is that the items are customizable. Whatever item you decide to purchase, there is the option for a normal street size. OR, you can pick custom sizes. I was debating on a custom size with my now more pear shaped frame, but the size I picked ended up fitting perfectly.


custom-dressThe best part of the dress, in my opinion? It has pockets. If you are like me, a skirt or dress with pockets is basically a must-buy. I wish my wedding dress had pockets even. But, if you aren’t into that, you can choose the option to remove the pockets.


Photoshoot time. I tried to channel my inner fashion blogger and wanna be model for these shots!

IMG_1755 IMG_1760 IMG_1762 IMG_1765 eshatki-review
The eShatki team was gracious enough to offer Burpees for Breakfast readers a 10% discount!

All you have to do is enter the ‘burpeesforbreakfast’ code in the promo box. The code is good for multiple purchases from today until May 21, 2015. It can be combined with any other promo offer or gift card, unless specified. It cannot be used on clearance/sale/overstock.

Perfect as we are rolling into summer! I know I’ll be purchasing a couple pieces for the honeymoon – which is soon! 38 days til the wedding!

Are you a fan of dresses? Do you like pockets?

– Jen.

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