Make-your-monday-legendaryGood Morning!

Happy May! Guys, how is it already May? Time is flying by…but I’m also pumped because that means only 33 days til I get hitched! Wah!!

Friday was hair cut day! I had an appointment scheduled for about 1 month ago and decided it was short enough that I could hold off a week or so. And then life happened. At that point, I figured I’d just wait until closer to the wedding. Well, I barely made it, wearing headbands for the past 2 weeks. I got it cut Friday and it was glorious!the boy I went straight to my mom’s house to hammer out some wedding details and do my laundry. I picked up Jimmy John’s for lunch for The Boy and I – he’d never had it before! Gah! It was so good. Something about that bread! Good news is that my tummy didn’t feel bad at all after. We also went to sign a contract at the gym in town. They cut us a sweet deal. I still have my free membership where I teach, but The Boy hated driving there (only 15 minutes). Now, all we have to do is walk about a block to the gym.

pancakes - hello mondaySaturday, we ventured out to get wedding things, after a GIANT batch of tasty pancakes (recipe up soon)ย and came up pretty short, except a belt for The Boy. His outfit is pretty much done now, which is good. And I have all my things! I cannot wait to show you guys the pictures! After shopping, I spent the afternoon doing workout planning – for my clients this week, bootcamp classes and the class I taught on Sunday morning.

It was a doozy. Lots of bicep curls, Romanian deadlifts, and step work. I booked it as fast as I could after and still made it to church 15 minutes late. While The Boy gamed, I spent a few hours doing food prep for the week and catching up on blogs, while sitting in a lawn chair on the sidewalk outside out apartment. With my mason jar full of water and country music blaring. Real classy.

oldnavydresspicIt was a pretty darn great weekend. We did a little research for places to check out for the honeymoon. And ate some peanut M&M’s – they have become my new favorite.

Here is to a great week and another Monday.

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a little light on the Pinterest funsies this week. I realized I was so booked that I was hardly on Pinterest at all.

On deck for today, I’ve got LOTS of studying with Precision, a new recipe for dinner – spinach artichoke pasta bake, all GF and DF – and SilverSneaker planning! I told my group we’d do some choreographed moves this week, so I need to do a bit more research to get ready for class.

As always.
Make your Monday, LEGENDARY.

Any must-go places in Charleston?
How will you make your Monday LEGENDARY?

– Jen.

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