One of my favorite finds at Trader Joe’s has to be their sun-dried tomato chicken sausage.

Honestly, sometimes I just get bored with chicken breast, regular sausage, and yes, even though I love them, eggs. I like to have a chicken sausage on hand for quick meals and trash bowls.

ingrediets-zoodlesUnlike most chicken sausage you can buy in the store, these are not cooked. So you have the option to cook it like a sausage or like a ground meat. Gotta love versatility.

The Workout Bud’s favorite find: roasted red pepper hummus. Sabra brand.

This kid eats the hummus on chips, carrots, and with a spoon! I started using it as a sauce for stir-fry’s or trash bowls since he likes ‘saucy’ meals.

So, I thought โ€“ sun-dried tomato chicken sausage + roasted red pepper hummus sauce = best meal ever.

And I was right.


zoodles w/ avocadoI am always looking for an excuse to use my spiralizer, so zucchini noodles were a must. And I really wanted to keep it simple with the ingredients, so I tossed in some sliced cremini mushrooms, dinosaur (lactino) kale, avocado, and frozen peas.

Simple ingredients. Full of flavor. And super easy to make.


Guys, this is seriously one of my favorite meals of the last month or so. The Workout Bud and I loved it! If you aren’t a fan of the roasted red pepper hummus, you could try to sub regular hummus or another flavor. I swear, we need to buy stock in the roasted red pepper kind. It’s become a refrigerator staple. Maybe I should be a Sabra Ambassador โ€“ try out new recipes and such. Is that a thing?

This is not a sponsored post. I just love Trader Joe’s and Sabra. But seriously, Sabra, if you need recipe testers or Ambassadors, I’m your girl.

zoodles w/avocado
What is your current favorite grocery store find?

– Jen.

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