When I initially started incorporating kettlebells into my training, the snatch was one of those moves that I didn’t really want to try or think I would ever be able to do.

Then I tried it and it went…okay. Like most beginners, I had bruised wrists. I practiced it for a day or two. And forgot about it for a while.

Sometime in the last couple weeks, I decided I would just do snatches. I’d read lots of articles on proper form. I’d studied videos of kettlebell trainers doing snatches. So, I tried it. And the first two were a little funky. But then I got it. No kettlebell flopping over my wrist at the top. I’d landed it. And some blisters.

nailed-the-snatchSince I ‘landed’ the snatch, I’ve been trying to do them at least every other day at the gym. You know, make sure I still got it and it wasn’t just a fluke that I’ve been able to do them for the past couple weeks.

I wanted a full body workout at the gym earlier this week, but didn’t really want to mess with the barbell. So, I used it as an opportunity to take advantage of the varying kettlebell sizes, and do the workout I’m sharing today!
P.S It’s the latest in the Bridal Bootcamp Series!

kettlebell-complex-triset-workoutFor the first tri-set, I used a 35#kettlebell. I’d recommend going heavy on your deadlift and carry. I used a 25# for the complex. The goal is to not drop the bell, so pick a weight that you can use for all three moves. And because I’m still working on my presses, I used a 20# for the second tri-set.

If you don’t have access to 3 different weights, I’d pick a mid-weight for all three mini circuits. You can also sub a dumbbell for the press + rack squat.

You’ll go through the first tri-set for RX sets + reps, not dropping the bell in between your two kb moves. Resting 45-60 sec in between each set. Go through the complex next, aiming to not drop the bell, resting 1 min between each set. Second tri-set is just like the first one, not dropping the bell between the press + squat.



  • Double Suitcase Deadlift: keep the back flat, lats engaged, weight in heels. Here is a great tutorial.
  • Farmer’s Carry: grip with the handle in the middle of your palm, lats down and engaged, core tight.
  • Push-Ups: check out my tips on the push-up.
  • SA Kettlebell Swing: hinge at the hip, snap and squeeze at the top (think Michael Jackson). Here is a great tutorial.
  • Clean: RKC break down of the clean is awesome, along with Jen Sinkler’s tips for cleaning it up.
  • Snatch: Thanks to Taylor for all her tips for mastering the Snatch.
  • Alt. Single Arm Press: engage the core to keep the back from arching. Here is what it should look like.
  • Double Rack Squat: is your core tight? squeeze those glutes on the way up. Here is a tutorial.
  • Box Jumps: try 7-8 risers high or use a park bench.

* I realized I didn’t have a box when I took this pics at my parents house, so I had to improvise.

If you are short on time, go for 1-2 of the mini circuits, rather than the whole workout. This is definitely one you will feel the next day…in a hurt so good, kind of way.

And because I can’t do kettebell moves without a crazy face, here are some outtakes:


Another day of wedding festivities today. Finally doing a test run on my make-up! Eek. Guys, today and Saturday are like my rest/free days for the next 3 weeks. My MOH is coming on Sunday (!!), next week is FULL of teaching, the week of Memorial Day is full of wedding prep and then the week after is THE WEDDING! AHH! Can’t even believe it!!

MOH + Bride, circa summer 2014
MOH + Bride, circa summer 2014

Linking up with the fabulous Jill Conyers today!

Is there an exercise you’ve been trying to master?
What are your weekend plans?

– Jen.

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