Happy Monday!

How are you guys doing? How was the weekend? Go to fast, like always?
My weekend started on Thursday night. The Boy and I had pulled pork tacos with the parents. And I ended up staying the night so I could watch the Scandal finale. So. Diss. Appointed. No good ended. And Liv + Fitz. Blah.

fuel-mondayFriday was wedding planning day. I started the morning with some coffee, a protein smoothie and sourdough bread. My mom and I went early to do a make-up trial run, but we had to make an appointment! It turned out fine because we had tons of other stuff to do. Including table decor and we even packed up some things. Uber productive.

cinnamonroll-mondayThe Boy and I started the day early on Saturday with a giant cinnamon roll and COFFEE. I had probably 2-3 bites of it, really. So rich. Before we went to the coffee shop, I had a chicx sausage from Trader Joe’s and an egg. At the coffee shop, I planned my client workouts for the week, and all the classes I teach (BodyWorks + Abs, Bootcamp + SilverSneakers). Plus a few wedding things.

In the afternoon, we had SUSHI! And, I made banana bread, protein balls and protein bars (recipes to come very soon!). And FINALLY, The Boy cut a piece of countertop to go on one of our cabinets. It’s been without for months and after discovering ants on our windowsill, I told The Boy that if he didn’t want a Bridezilla he would either go cut the countertop or tell me how to do it, so I could. He did it. And it’s wonderful. In all the huff, I decided that I need to figure out how to decorate our tiny space. If anyone has tips or ideas, shoot them my way. It’s not like I need to add more blogs to my list…but our place needs serious help. Which is why I also started a Pinterest board!

sushi-mondayOn Friday, I got a call from my boss to see if I could sub a class on Sunday morning. Since it was before church, I agreed. I got up early, went to buy a new pack of batteries for the mic and got set up. After I set up, I went to the bathroom and came back to find another person setting up. After a few words, I found out that she told my boss the wrong day she needed a sub, but my boss didn’t tell me! Oy vey.

I ended up staying for class, but my body was DONE. I wanted to leave early anyway, to get to church on time. It was a struggle to get through it. After church, I did my make-up trial. Everything looks so good! It took 2 face washes and 2 face wipes to get all the make-up off. She put on a few extra things that I won’t do for the day-of, but overall, it looked great.

table mock-upIt was a bit of a stressful week last week, and I know it will be even more the next few weeks. So, in efforts to not go too crazy, I’m really working on supporting my adrenals. That means no tough workouts, outside of the classes I teach, for the next 3 weeks. I’m going to try and stick to yoga most days. Getting lots of sleep, cutting out sugar, and eating to support my adrenals. The lovely Lindsay has written so many great articles on adrenal support recently (one. two.)

So, here’s to another Monday. (Only 19 days. In the teens!)

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monday morningWishing this would be my morning…maybe for a bit.

Remember to make your Monday LEGENDARY!

How will you make your Monday legendary?! What did you do this weekend?

– Jen.

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