“Can we do more ab moves?”

“Can we do some moves that work my sides (points to love handles)? My muffin top.”

“That was a great workout, but my abs don’t really feel it.”

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I get it.

Ladies want flat tummies and no muffin tops.

And the best way to do that is by doing all the abdominal moves…right? Right?

Not exactly.

I am a firm believer that if you are doing exercises correctly and truly bracing your core, your abdominals will ‘feel it’ with every move (we will talk about bracing the core in another post, not to worry!). Which is why in my Bootcamp and BodyWorks, I don’t tend to spend a ton of time on core work.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t include abdominal specific moves. I do. And when I do, I make sure they are solid moves. Which just so happen to be the moves that I am sharing with you guys today!

TOPMOVESFORASTRONGCORENaturally, these are some of my favorite moves. All can even be done without weight, if you are on the go or without weight. They are great for at home workouts too. Plus, these exercises can be incorporated into workouts pretty easily. I’ll give you a couple suggestions below.

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  • AB ROTATION: Shoulders down and back, pelvis tucked, core tight. Resist as you twist both ways. You should feel this in your side abs, your obliques.
  • WOOD CHOPS: Keep everything tight! Here is a great tutorial from Kai Wheeler. I borrowed the move from her, so I gotta give her props.
  • RUSSIAN TWIST: Twist whole shoulder girdle. Another move that targets the obliques. Feet can be flat on the ground, heels on the ground, or heels raised. If you want extra advanced, moves legs back and forth. If weight is on the left, right leg is out. And switch.
  • FULL CRUNCHES: Feet flat on the ground, arms overhead with weight in hand. Bring weight overhead, scoop down and reach up, to sit all the way up.
  • TRIANGLE PLANK HOPS: Assume plank position – pelvis tucked, glutes, hams and quads tight and engaged – hop right, hop left, then hop back center to plank position. Repeat both ways.
  • OPPOSITE ARM/LEG CRUNCH: Lay flat out in an X. Bring opposite arm to opposite leg to meet. Repeat
  • PLANK LATERAL KICKS: Assume elbow plank position, lift leg a few inches off the floor and move out laterally, keeping rest of the body straight. This takes a lot of balance, coordination and stability.
  • SIT THROUGHS: Thanks to Jen Sinkler for this one. Here is a tutorial (at 1 minute). Like I tell my bootcampers – KEEP YOUR BUTT DOWN and KNEES BENT. I mean it!

ab-workout-sampleMake sure you have a timer. I LOVE my Gymboss MiniMax Timer and highly recommend it. I’d go for at least 1 weight, 7.5-10#.

1. Complete all moves in circuit. Repeat 3-4 rounds. Great finisher.

2. Start with 30 reps total, of all the moves – 30 reps, including both sides. Decrease in reps after completing a full circuit. For an added challenge, complete the reps on EACH SIDE. Burn!

3. Set timer. Pick one side to start with. Complete all moves just on one side. After all moves are complete, move to other side. Go through circuit twice.

Feel free to add these to any of your existing workouts, or complete each mini circuit as a finisher.

Seems like every Friday includes some wedding planning. It’s been a long and tiring week. Lots of teaching, wedding things, plus, that time of the month. The Boy and I have a wedding tomorrow night. But, tonight, we are eating sweet potato fries and drinking martini’s to celebrate that we are getting so close to the wedding. Then watching MASH.

It’s his favorite show, so we started watching it together and I love it. I also am crushing hard on New Girl. I used to watch it, but stopped for some reason. I picked it back up a couple weeks ago and it’s just seriously the best. The Boy will start watching it when it’s on and die laughing, but he keeps saying it’s horrible and too awkward…I know he likes it.

Happy Weekend! Linking up with the lovely Jill today!

What is your favorite abdominal move?
What are you up to this weekend?

– Jen.

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