mackerel-and-mango-rice-bowlTime. Is. Flying. By.


And with a busy past few weeks, I’ve been loving meals that are quick, easy and stress free. Even better when it’s an easy clean up.

Usually, The Boy and I are okay with just eating a trash bowl – anything we can find in the fridge or freezer, added to rice or quinoa.

A couple weeks ago, I wanted something quick and simple, yet flavorful. My kitchen shelf was housing a can of mackerel that I purchased at Trader Joe’s months ago and still hadn’t used. And I had a mango that was going to go bad if I didn’t eat it that day.

mackerelandmangoricebowlSo, the wheels in my head started spinning and I looked into what else I could add. I picked a couple things off the shelf and out of the fridge. Tossed it all into my trusty cast iron pan. And enjoyed the outcome so much that I knew I had to share.

If you haven’t tried mackerel yet, you must. It’s pretty firm, yet flakey. It’s loaded with protein, coming in at ~21g/serving. It’s high in calcium, magnesium, and niacin. Plus, it provides over 100% DV of vitamin B12 and D. Say what?! And it’s inexpensive.

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This serving size of this rice bowl is 1 pretty big bowl with some leftovers. However, it could be for two, depending on how hungry you are! The Boy scoffed at me using mackerel, but ended up loving the dish when I let him sneak a bite.

mackerelandmangoricebowlIf you are not a mackerel fan, I think salmon or even chicken would be a good sub. If you are no meat, go for mushroom instead.

From start to finish, I think this took about 20-25 minutes or less. And clean up was so simple! That is one of my least favorite parts of making most of the meals I eat. Hah.

And the lime! Guys, the lime makes this dish. It brings out all the flavors. Don’t skip it!


I had a little bit leftover and the next day added it to some spinach, leftover sweet potato cubes and pumpkin seeds. Amazing. Love a dish that can tastes delicious in a variety of ways.

So, tell me, have you tried mackerel? Are you a fan of rice bowls? What are you favorite add-ins?

– Jen.

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