Alot of the workouts I feature on the blog are similar to what I teach in my bootcamps – High Intensity Interval Training type workouts.

I thought it would be fun to give you guys a sneak peek into one of my BodyWorks + Abs classes (P.S. I just got offered at least one more, maybe 2 BodyWorks classes to teach!). This happens to be one of my favorite class workouts that I’ve created thus far. I really like to incorporate compound movements in class, so we get the most bang for our buck. Or, like this workout, start with a single move and then build to a compound. I also like to do workouts that use 5# and 7.5# weights. I just can’t bring myself to encourage the use of a 2.5# weight!!

Today’s workout has a few different circuits. You will start with lower body(#1 + #2), move to abs, go to upper body (#1 + #2), do abs one more time, and finish with 1-2 rounds of the compound moves.

[ctt title=”Grab a step, weights and a mat. New class workout from @burpees4bfast!” tweet=”Grab a step, weights and a mat. New class workout from @burpees4bfast! http://ctt.ec/e3wtM+ #sweatpink @fitapproach” coverup=”e3wtM”]

Because it was so long, there are 3 separate workout graphics. You will need to warm up first. After a 5-7 minutes of a dynamic warm up, start with the step circuit. If you don’t have a step, use a sidewalk or a very low step. Rest 30 sec – 1 minute in between all circuits.

The workout moves pretty quickly. We take about 30 sec – 1 min rest between circuits, but feel free to rest when needed. I’d recommend a heavier set and a mid weight set, a bench/step and a mat. Including your warm-up, this should take ~50 minutes.

I recruited The Workout Bud for these photos. Even though he says he will do it, it’s usually with a look of ‘This better not take all day.’ So, I always try to get the pics done quickly…and you can tell by some of my faces! Hah. Enjoy.





Wish you guys could join me for a class one day!

I’m actually not going to be subbing on BodyWorks classes until after my HONEYMOON!!! Which is so soon!!

Do you like body sculpting classes? How do you feel about using 2.5# weights in a class?

– Jen.

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