while taking a walk along the water, I’d tell you quite a few things.

First being, I know, I look a little silly in sweat pants and a hoodie…with the hood over my head. But it’s a bit chilly out and I really wanted to go on a walk more than I wanted to fix my hot mess of a head of hair. And you say it’s okay because ‘ain’t nobody going to care what you look like, girl.’ – Thanks, friend.

I’d also tell you…I totally planned to write about my experience with the 30 Day Healthy Living Detox, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Then I thought about doing a #WIAW post, but I wasn’t feeling that either. I decided on a life update/if we were drinking tea post yesterday, and was going to pre-write some stuff, but I was too wrapped up in wedding stuff.

And speaking of pre-writing posts, this month, I started writing posts 2 weeks in advanced, when I had a bit of extra time. It really helped alot and I’m thinking of doing it moving forward. And because I was so productive with it one day, I even guest posts for the week I’m on my honeymoon!

I’d finally tell you how the wedding plans are coming…and I’d tell you, pretty great. On Monday, mom and I got nearly everything ready, got most of the last minute things at Target and the Dollar Store. Her study is getting full with all the things that need to be packed in cars on Thursday and Friday. I finished all the signage yesterday and got the timeline complete and ready for printing. All the bridal party gifts are sitting on our table, ready to be delivered. I found a new undergarment for my dress that works even better than the expensive one at Nordstrom and was cheaper. And my ring is being cleaned.

I’d tell you…I still need to write my vows! Actually, finalize them. I started on Monday and need to get them done today. And I need to get on The Workout Bud to make sure he writes his by tomorrow.

You might ask about the next couple days, and I’d say…I have NOTHING planned today. I found subs for my classes, which was probably the best thing ever. When my mom suggested it, I brushed it off, thinking it’d be no big thang. But, having the whole day to relax and get random stuff done is perfect. I tried to sleep in but it seriously did not happen. Hello 7am.  I’m probably going to try and watch a wedding movie today too. And I’d naturally invite you to join me.

Then tomorrow, I have a client in the morning, before heading to my parent’s to get my nails done with my mom and sister. After, we have to make all the rice krispies, I need to make a couple of little tent signs for the tables, wrap the sparklers and get any other little random things done. The Thugs will get here around 7ish and then we are driving straight to dinner with more of the bridal party, before heading to the B&B.

Friday, I have brunch with my ladies, more random things, and rehearsal dinner. And Saturday, if I don’t have anything going on…I think I’ll get married! Make sure to check out Insta for pictures all day!

If we were sipping tea, chatting, and walking along the water, I’d tell you…that while I am so freaking pumped to get married, I’m almost as pumped for the honeymoon. It’s been a crazy few months and we both just need a break. Can’t wait to do nothing for a full week!

In other news, I’d tell you…we played Battleship in my bootcamp class last night. It was pretty fun. I’m loving teaching so much. The Workout Bud thinks I do alot more work than what I get paid for (which is a pretty decent wage for an instructor), but I seriously love it. I love crafting workouts. And I love hearing positive feedback from people that like class formats.

I’d also tell you…that now we’ve made it halfway on our walk, I wish I didn’t wear sweatpants and that I made my hair look presentable. It’s hot.

If we were sipping tea, chatting, and walking along the water, I’d tell you…I’ve been looking into Master’s level nutrition programs. The more I study Precision, the more I just want to do nutrition all the time. I’ve looked into RD programs, but more are out of state and that’s really just not an option for me and The Workout Bud. Purdue University (literally, The Boy only calls it Purdue University, never just Purdue!) has a really cool program for a MS in human/clinical nutrition or public health/education. They do have an option to do the RD requirements too. I’m still getting information and thinking through my options.

I’d tell you that…I really want to go back to school. Or get a more full time job doing health and wellness. After the honeymoon, it’s either that, or get a job in tech, pay off some debt and do health/fitness on the side. Just trying to pray through that decision.

And while we are on the subject, I’d tell you…I’m halfway through Precision. Overall, I love the stuff I’m learning. It’s just straight science and I love it. But the fact that all I need to do is pass each 10 question quiz for each chapter, instead of have a big test at the end is really throwing me off. The quizzes are pretty easy…and open book. So, if I wanted, I could literally just find the answer in the book and submit the quiz, without even reading or studying. I think they switched from a large test to this type of format this year too. With being so busy the past couple weeks, sometimes, I’ve just read the chapter and done the questions and not any extra studying. I need to think of a new plan to get ‘caught up’ and how to study effectively moving forward.

I’d tell you…I’m taking the week of workouts, expect for some yoga. Trying to keep my stress levels down. And move more. I think I’ve been sitting down too much lately because my hammies are TIGHT. Especially my right one.


As we finish our walk and our tea cups are barely full, I’d tell you…thanks for walking with me! I know that was a bit all over the place, so thanks for sticking with me. And then I’d ask about you. Do tell, please!

Life update. Tell me what you are up too.

– Jen.

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