Good Morning!

The Boy and I are currently driving to Charleston for our HONEYMOOON!!! We left like 2 hours ago, so hopefully we’ve made it to Ohio by now. We are so pumped to get on vacation!

We are taking a break from the weekly ‘Well, Hello Monday…‘ post today. I’ve got my Blend Sarah, over at Shh…Fit Happens sharing about why we need to be doing more pulling movements. Those pesky pull-ups! I honestly can’t remember how Sarah and I met, but she’s been a Blend for a while now. She is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is so knowledgable and always full of great tips and workouts, including today’s post. I think you guys will really like it!

And I’m with Sarah – chips and salsa all day. Err day. I wish I had chips in my pantry now.


Hi, my name is Sarah and blog at Shh Fit Happens. I would eat chips and salsa everyday if it were acceptable, I live in fitness gear, and am currently trying to master hanging leg raises. I am super excited and honored to guest post on Jen’s blog today. I love her blog and what she stands for – her passion for fitness and helping others, her kindness, her ambition, and her sense of humor (anyone who loves “Friends” is a-ok in my book!)

Like Jen, I am also a personal trainer and thought it would make sense to share one of my fave “fit tips” on Burpees for Breakfast today.


Let me start by asking a few questions…How much time do you spend driving? What about sitting at your computer? Reading blogs? 

Do you hunch your shoulders when you are nervous, busy, tired, or stressed? 

Are you cold often? Do you tense up and shiver to keep warm? 

I know when I am cold (which is often), I don’t give a darn about my posture. I will round my shoulders and hug my arms to my chest all day long to keep warm!

coffee_and_stretchWhen I am tired, I would rather let my muscles relax than have to worry about my posture. Sometimes you just need to chill!

Then there are times when it is not normal, but we hunch anyway…slouching while sitting on the couch, slouching while driving, slouching while standing, slouching while running… 

All this hunching of the shoulders takes it’s toll on the body. Our back muscles become used to being rounded and stretched out and our chest muscles become chronically tight. Keep in mind, just because the chest muscles are tight, it does not mean they are strong. 

So what can we do to counteract some of these common everyday “hunching” instances that probably happen more often than we realize?


Pulling movements strengthen the muscles in the back and some back exercises also stretch the chest at the same time (standing resistance band rows or cable rows). 

Pushing movements strengthen the chest (push ups, chest press).

Strengthening the chest is not a bad thing, however, if the chest is already tight, emphasizing on more pushing movements will further tighten the chest, consequently, pulling the shoulders in and rounding the back.

oneworkoutpullingworkoutThe best fitness programs target the entire body and focuses on pushing AND pulling movements. I like to give the back muscles a little extra love though by adding a couple more pulling movements! 

Below is a combination exercise that consists of one chest exercises and two back exercises:

Another options is to split your training into muscle groups, below is a great circuit for the back and triceps (adjust the weight of the DBs to fit you):

Follow Sarah on Instagram for more fitness videos like above or check out her blog.

Do you do more pulling than pushing movements? Do you have a favorite pulling exercise?

– Jen.

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