It’s Feelin’ Fit Friday! We made it! Remember, The Workout Bud and I are living it up in Charleston for a few more days. Be sure to check Instagram for sneak peek at our adventures. Today, my girl Sam from Pancake Warriors is with us, sharing a high intensity yoga workout. Are you intrigued? There aren’t any workouts on the blog yet, so this is a first!

It seems to be a recurring theme that I can’t remember where I met blog friends…and the same goes for Sam. It’s just like we’ve been friends all along! I mean, she clearly loves pancakes and so do I! If you’ve checked out any ‘Well, Hello Monday…’ posts, it’s likely you’ve seen some of Sam’s recipes featured. They are basically amazing. I think I pin almost everything she posts. Her banana bread is The Workout Bud’s favorite thing. We eat it nearly every week.

Hi y’all! I’m so excited to be guest posting for Jen while she is off frolicking on her honeymoon! Jen has been a huge fitness inspiration for me and I love to see her killer workouts and wedding/life updates, not to mention those awesome Hello Monday posts (my favs)! I’m Sam from and I’m so glad to meet you. I’m the creator of the banana bread that the Workout Bud is addicted to – pretty proud of that fact! I’m currently studying to get my personal training certification and absolutely love all things healthy eating and fitness. I am a lover of all things fitness, but I have really found my passion in HIIT workouts, lifting heavy weights, and yoga.

high-intensity-yoga-pinI love high intensity interval workouts (HIIT), they are quick, effective, and really help burn killer calories in a short time frame. This is so important since I’m at work for 10+ hours a day and I have a pretty hectic schedule with blogging full time and studying for my personal training as well! So high intensity is how I roll when I’m getting my cardio for the day.

Yoga is where I find my balance and my inner peace. I try to incorporate yoga into my weekly routine, although I hate to admit that sometimes it does get passed over for the sake of time. When I first started yoga, I thought that all yoga was about was stretching, but that of course is so far from the case. The truth is that yoga is about strength, power, and stability! I can work up a sweat in yoga in no time flat, and I love that! And I’ve never been to a class that hasn’t challenged me both physically and mentally.

[ctt title=”Yoga & HIIT? High Intensity Yoga Workout from @PancakeWarrior_ and @burpees4bfast! @ideafit #yoga #hiit” tweet=”Yoga + HIIT?! High Intensity Yoga Workout from @PancakeWarrior_ and @burpees4bfast! @ideafit #yoga #hiit” coverup=”O88Sx”]

The workout today is inspired by my love for yoga and my need for a quick effective workout. If you have ever done P90X, you will agree with me that sun salutations can quickly get the heart racing! When Jen asked me to do a workout for her readers, I knew I had to include burpees! What kind of guest poster would I be without them! So this workout is a combo of sun salutations and some high intensity blasts. Feel free to go through the sequence as many times as you want! However, I’ll warn you those chaturangas will start getting your heart rate up and those triceps burning!

Here is a quick break down of the Sun salutations:

high-intensity-yoga-sun-salutationStart in high plank – back should be flat, the entire body in a straight line (like a plank of wood) – don’t drop the hips down or have the booty up in the air. Keep the chest proud and core braced.

From high plank, drop down into low plank. Keep the elbows close to the body, hovering inches from the ground. Keep that straight line through the body! Drop to the knees if needed.

From here, push up into upward dog. Straighten the arms and open the chest proud, rolling the shoulders back and looking up.

Push up into downward facing dog. Fingers are spread wide, all of them grounded into the mat/floor.  Push the butt back up and towards the wall, keeping the back straight. Keep your legs as straight as you can without locking out the knees.

From here, bend your knees and either jump or walk up to the top of the mat, so your feet are in line with your hands.

Lift up half way, bring your hands to your shins or knees, flatten your back, straighten your legs and look straight ahead.

Drop your hands down to meet your feet, bend your knees if needed.

From here go into chair (this always kills me in yoga, so I had to include this here). Chair position is similar to a squat. Feet are at hips distance (or they can be glutted together, depending on your preference). Bend the knees, bring your pelvis up and in (we are not dropping it like it’s hot) abs engaged and arms up in the air, close to the ears.

From here drop your hands back to the floor, by your feet. Plant your hands down on the floor and push the feet back into plank. Start at high plank again.

Complete this 4 times through as fast as you can while keeping your form and staying true to your breath. After 4 rounds the fun begins.

high-intensity-yoga-workoutThis workout is 4 rounds of sun salutations followed by 10 reps of high intensity moves!

4 rounds of sun salutations followed by 10 burpees then

high-intensity-yoga-burpees4 more rounds of sun salutations followed by 10 mountain climbers

high-intensity-yoga-mountain-climbersNext is 4 rounds of sun salutations followed by 10 jump squats

high-intensity-yoga-jump-squat And the last round is 4 rounds of sun salutations followed by 10 star jacks (bonus if you squat down at the bottom of the move!)

high-intensity-yoga-star-jackI hope you enjoy the workout and think outside the box. What I’ve learned in my fitness journey is to find more ways to enjoy the exercises I love, and change it up regularly, so I never get bored! Jen has an extensive workout list, and you can always stop by PancakeWarriors for more workout inspiration!

Thanks Jen for inviting me over to share a fun workout with your readers! Congratulations to you and the Workout Bud!

Have you ever done a high intensity yoga workout? Do you prefer one over the other?

– Jen.

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