Happy Monday! Did you guys have a great weekend? I wish I could hear all about it. The Workout Bud and I are heading back home today. We’ve had such a great time. Have you check out some pics on Instagram yet? If not, head over after reading this post by one of my favorite people, Jessica Joy of The Fit Switch.

Now, I totally couldn’t remember how Jess and I met (seems to be a recurring theme, hmmm), it’s like we’ve been friends forever. But she reminded me that it was via an Instagram Challenge! You guys are in for a real treat today. Jessica is talking about The Key To Staying Motivated, something we all need help with at one point or another. Plus, she included a great vacation workout. Need to add this to my vacation round up from a couple weeks ago.

Anytime I need some encouragement or inspiration, Jess is my go-to girl. She just exudes confidence and positivity! And, I we finally get to meet in person in just about a month at BlogFest! Ahhh! I’m sure there will be lots of screaming and jumping and hugging.

Can’t wait!

First off, congrats to Jen and ‘The Boy!’ They are one inspiring, powerhouse couple. Can we just talk about how adorable and happy they are? Seriously, their beautiful smiles have been beaming non-stop, and it’s awesome. We are all thrilled for you two. : )

I am so grateful Jen asked me to guest post. We met last year doing some Instagram challenges and clicked – we just ‘get’ each other. I thought I should bring a thank you gift for everyone – so I brought two. Let’s tear ’em open, shall we? Whoa, way to go to town with that gift wrap. NICE.

Present #1

key-tostayingmotivatedAfter over a year of research, and overfilling my brain with advice from experts, I have discovered the key to motivation. Here it is.

You will rarely feel like doing the things you need to do, to get the big rewards you want to get. You have to force yourself.

Was that a letdown? Do you feel like a kid who just got a saving’s bond for Christmas? Yeah, sorry. It’ll pay off later, I promise. ; )

People often say regarding their health and fitness goals,“I just don’t have any motivation.” They want to be healthy and fit, but all they see is deprivation and drudgery (which is not the route I advocate whatsoever. I am all about making health, fun and easy).

But, the key isn’t motivation or desire, it’s discipline.

Let me shine a happy light on discipline.

It may be easy to think, ‘Discipline sucks.’ or, ‘Discipline is for those anal, over-achievers.’

Let’s clear the slate for a sec. Discipline is not a bad or painful thing. Learning to love discipline and hard work, allows you the ability to create your dream life, while enjoying the journey, even the challenges – it’s the best of both worlds. You can fall in love with the process of working hard to achieve your goals. So, you get what you want (that end result) and you enjoy getting there. WIN/WIN

In December, for The Fit Dish Link-Up, one of the optional topics was, “Your Slogan For the Year.” Here is mine.

key-to-motivation -ove-the-challengeAs the year has gone on, I failed many times to ‘Love The Challenge.’ What was I doing wrong? Why was I messing up?

After listening to THIS Jim Rohn seminar, and THIS TedX talk, “How to get everything you want,” I realized I had a self-defeating mindset. I thought I should always be in the mood to do the things I needed to do, and if I didn’t, I had better back off. Or, with trying to eat clean, if there was a treat and I wanted it, I should have it, and have extra, because the fact that I wanted it, meant I should. If I didn’t feel like opting-out of the treat, why should I? Doesn’t that fact that I don’t want to miss out on it, imply that I should eat the dessert?


Not feeling ‘in the mood’ to do something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Often actually, overcoming lack of desire is how you end up achieving the bigger dreams that you really want!

Just because you don’t feel like it sometimes, doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it just means it’s a challenge.

I’ve had some challenging moments with my food relationship this year, but since embracing this mentality, I feel better than ever. I call it, ‘Eating fierce.’ I base my eating decisions on nutrition, (while keeping them delish) not whimsical cravings. I am in charge, not the treats. I don’t feel compelled to eat treats just because they are there, or just because it’s the weekend. I decide if I really want the treat or not.

Loving the challenge, and loving discipline, are rewarding in and of themselves, but even better, they will change your life. You will be able to achieve the bigger, broader dreams you have for yourself. That’s motivating!

key-to-motivation-joy-of-disciplineWhat a unique and inspiring perspective on discipline.

Friends, despite how it sounds, I am new to discipline and consistently hard-work. I am naturally a very spontaneous person. This change started when I needed to lose baby weight, and I finally started my road to goal setting and achieving. Getting fit, charged-up my whole life, and I started The Fit Switch to help others do the same.

I hope this perspective on discipline has inspired you to embrace challenges with excitement.

And present #2?

The PERFECT Workout For Vacation

  • Quick – about 15 minutes
  • Convenient – takes minimal space, equipment free, and can be done anywhere that has a soft spot for your booty to sit, like a sandy beach
  • Efficient – full-body workout that burns a lot of calories
  • Fun – Interesting and playful exercises that go by quickly


I completely agree with Jess here. Discipline! It’s tough, but so many benefits! Love that quote: ‘Get excited about your ability to do necessary things!’ Are you ready to start reaching your goals, or even make new ones, after reading that post? I know I am!

never-give-up-lorna-jane-blog-profile-300x300The Fit Switch is a fitness blog written by me, Jessica Joy. It focuses on using the benefits of fitness and health to charge up your life. Every virtual visit is meant to leave you happier, more knowledgeable and gung-ho for livin’ healthy. The Fit Switch is also a supportive #fitfam community with open arms, and we’d love for you to join the joy. You are choosing happiness when you choose healthiness, my friends. Yep, they’re a package deal.

When I’m not blogging, I am loving on my fam: hubby, two kids and two poopsies (huge German shorthair pointers). I love to read, cook, dance and sing badly on purpose, journal, do yoga, teach group fitness, do HIIT workouts, play piano, learn and seek adventures by foot, bike, and longboard.

How do you stay motivated to achieve your goals?

– Jen.

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