Make-your-monday-legendaryGuys, I’M BACK!!

Happy Monday! How the heck are ya’ll? It feels like it’s been forever…really only about 2 weeks! I have much to update you on.

First up, a super HUGE THANK YOU to the AMAZING ladies that stepped in and posted for me while I was on the honeymoon. If you haven’t make sure you check out posts from Parsley & Lace, Shh…Fit Happens, Pancake Warriors and The Fit Switch.

THANKS KRISTEN, SARAH, SAM, and JESS!!!! You ladies are the BEST!

Okay, second, I’ll be sharing some honeymoon details (not all of them, of course) and hopefully some wedding photos – I hear they should be done this week. Plus, I have some new posts ideas I need to get typed up. This week though, it will probably just be some recaps of the past week or two.

well-hello-mondaySo, how was your weekend? Mine was busy and full of work. We got back from the honeymoon late Monday night and luckily, I found subs for all my classes. It was such a good plan because our apartment was so messy with all the wedding stuff that I HAD to clean it up. I’d hoped to be productive most of the week – catching up on Precision (I’m so behind!), getting workouts planned for the next few weeks, blog posts queued up. But, I was so lazy. I didn’t feel like doing work at all. I did tidy up the apartment, do lots of returns and got one of our two new kitchen shelves put up. But none of the stuff I actually wanted to get done.

Friday, I worked on my resume for a good portion of the day and started to plan workouts. The guy The Workout Bud (now Mr. Burpees for Breakfast) uses for his AC/heating for his tenants took us both out for a drink with his wife. I planned on just getting a quick one and getting back to workout planning…but they both INSISTED that I get another one. So after 3 drinks, I decided we should order Domino’s. Which we did and then watched the final episodes of The Originals. No more planning.

Speaking of The Originals: new favorite show. The Workout Bud is a movie/TV show guy, so I feel like I’ve been watching more than I usually do. Anyone else watch this show? It’s apparently a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, but like, a thousand times better than the few episodes I watched. We finished season 1 on Netflix and I’m dying for season 2 to be added. And Vampire Diaries – does that main girl, Elina maybe, look exactly like The Purley Twins? Like their other twin sister?!

Saturday, I taught my new BodyWorks class. My boss asked me about it a couple weeks ago and said she would let me know once everything was finalized for taking over the class. But, when I looked at my schedule at the beginning of the week, I saw it was added. Surprise!

well-hello-mondayRight after, we went to see Jurassic Park (again) with Mr. Burpees parent’s. Just as awesome the second time. We sported our new lululemon digs because that’s what dressing up looks like for us these days. We did a little shopping, ate steak with the parents and I spent the night (late night) planning workouts.

We woke up to our power out Sunday morning. Apparently, there was a crazy storm a few hours earlier because there were trees down everywhere and over a thousand people without power. We made our way to his parents to put our food in their fridge so it wouldn’t spoil and ended up having some breakfast. Once the power came back on, I spent the afternoon at the coffee shop planning workouts, exactly what I did after dinner.

well-hello-mondayIn total, I planned: 6 workouts for one of my clients, 10 workouts for bootcamp (for 5 weeks of classes), 5 BodyWorks classes (5 weeks of classes) and I’m planning on doing SilverSneakers today. Then I need to type up some blog posts for the next couple weeks. My plan to get stuff planned out until BlogFest, at least. I’m starting in on the job search at the end of the week/beginning of next week. So I want to make sure I can focus on the search and Precision studying.

Speaking of BlogFest, I need to sign up for my classes this week too! And finally book my ticket…oye. But, I’m pumped.

Today’s Well, Hello Monday… is a bit light – my Bloglovin’ feed has near 140 unread blogs. And that’s down from over 220. I’ll get caught up soon. So many things on the to-do list! Which is just fine…going to tackle them nice and slow this week.

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Looking up into the sunny Charleston sky. Stay tuned for Charleston eats on Wednesday.

Make your Monday Legendary!

What was the best part of your weekend? How will you make your Monday legendary?

– Jen.

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