How are you? How’s your Wednesday going? I’m ever so slowly getting back into the swing of things. Classes have been going okay. I’m planning on working on upcoming blog posts soon (sneak peak: how to feed a man, our favorite sushi recipe, my method for creating workouts, and more!). And getting back onto social media…well, it’s slow going. It’ll all come back soon enough.

Today, my friends, I’m giving you a sneak peak of our Charleston honeymoon! Enjoy.

We planned to leave on Monday at 6am. And we got everything ready and packed into the car. I told The Workout Bud that I was going to go and wait for him in the car, and he said, ‘Just go ahead and start it.’ I didn’t have the keys, so I just waited for him. But, he didn’t have them when he got into the car. So, for 15 minutes we retraced our steps and tore through our apartment, before deciding to just use the spare key and hope we would find the real thing when we got to Charleston.

charlestonhoneymoonWhen we arrived in Charleston and unpacked the car, we found the key. And this is after opening the trunk at least twice along the way.

charleston honeymoonAs soon as we got into our room, we headed straight for the rooftop bar for drinks and food. It was the cutest little place and the bartenders took good care of us. I started with a vodka cran and ended with a long island. And had a burger with sweet potato fries which was quite tasty!

vodka cran: first drink upon arrival.

honeymoonNow, I can’t remember what days we did what, but I’ll try and piece things together based on the order of the pictures on my phone!

honeymoon charlestonI do know the second day we hit up King Street – the shopping district. Our shuttle let us off a few blocks away, so we definitely got it all our steps each day we went out. We hit up lululemon right away; The Workout Bud was on a mission to get there as soon as possible. We both got new clothes. That store…once you buy one little thing, you are hooked. Luckily, we are pretty poor and won’t spend what we do have on $100 tights…that often.

charleston honeymoonWe ventured to this random restaurant called Fire Street Food for lunch. Guys, it was amazing. The curry was top notch. The Kobe beef burger was delish. And the sushi. THE SUSHI. Our rolls were so stinking good. I mean, I can’t even describe how good it was. Add this place to your list of eateries.

IMG_3240.JPG IMG_3239.JPG IMG_3237.JPGWe indulged in quite a few treats, including Italian Ice. It wasn’t the same as Rita’s or Richies from Boston, but it was refreshing in the heat.

honeymoon charlestonIsn’t he such a handsome one?
Of course, we had to use the hotel gym our second full morning. I wasn’t feeling weights for some reason, I did some yoga. And some pull-ups. Neutral grip. The Boy argued that I was doing chin-ups. But I say neutral grip. What say you?! (<–click to view)gym rats Right after our workout, we walked to Hominey Grill for brunch. Everyone recommended this place to us and it was great. I wouldn’t say it was the best breakfast of the trip….I’ll share that on Friday…but we had a good time.

charleston honeymoonWe hung out at the pool, playing some cornhole, getting our tan on in the afternoon. We ventured back into the city for a pre-dinner drink at Eli’s Table. We heard they had the best bacon bloody mary in town.. The Boy was dying for one. He got his drink, while I was waiting for the bartender, Savannah, to make me a special drink. While I waited, she poured me at least 3 shots. And when she found out we were on the honeymoon, we gave us both champagne.

IMG_3243.JPGcharlestonhoneymoon IMG_3245.JPGIt just so happened that they were taking photos of their drinks for the website…so we got to drink them all. The drink up top had grapefruit and lime in it, super good. The one’s below – a mojito with a lime shot and this coffee martini. Guys, the coffee martini was the greatest drink ever! We both had 2 they were so good.

After about drink 6, we remember we had to stop by Victoria Secret to pick up a bathing suit for me since we were going to the beach the next day. Imagine an already pretty talkative guy, extra talkative from drinking all the alcoholic beverages, in Victoria Secret. He recruited like 3 girls that were waiting in line to try stuff on, to help him decide what bathing suit I should get. It was a funny trip, to say the least.

IMG_3246.JPG charleston honeymoonWe decided to make our way back to Eli’s for dinner. We got shrimp and pancakes, sweet potato pancakes. And DUCK and waffles with crispy brussel sprouts. Oh my word! Amazing. I cannot recommend Eli’s enough. I feel like we know a handful of people from there now, just chit chatting over drinks. Definitely on our top 3 list of places to eat!

IMG_3249.JPG charleston honeymoon eli'sWe obviously Uber’ed it to the hotel and woke up the next morning ready for beach day. We drove down to Folly Beach, which was amazingly beautiful. The beach is my all time favorite place, hands down. So, I wanted to stay all day.

IMG_3302.JPG IMG_3300.JPG charleston honeymoonWe loved taking recommendations on food from the locals, including the few friends we made at the hotel. One of the guys recommended a place on Folly Beach that we both thought was ‘Lagerhead’s’. There turned out to be a ‘Loggerhead’s’ on the beach, however, it was way off the beaten path and looked a bit shady. There was a Locklear’s right by our parking spot, so we decided to try it. They had the best boiled shrimp and chowder. After that shrimp, all we wanted the rest of the trip was to eat boiled shrimp and french fries. We didn’t, don’t worry.
charleston honeymoon

charleston honeymoonAfter the beach, we passed Bojangles to get a couple BoBerry Biscuits. Bojangles is a fast food joint, so I normally would not be so willing to go there, however, in college, Shley would bring these biscuits back with her when she visited home and for some reason, I remember them being amazing. These were COVERED in sugar glaze, so I only could stomach a couple bites.

charleston honeymoonWhen we got back to the hotel, we went for another swim, before chilling out in the room a bit. We went back into town for dinner and tried Charleston Beer Works. My shoes stuck to the floor. I thought we went because of the food, so I just ordered a cider and a burger. It was not the best food. And it turns out, we only went because Mr. Burpees wanted to play shuffle board…which they had gotten rid of 2 years before. Hah!

charleston honeymoonIt ended up being a 30 minute walk there, but luckily Jeni’s was just across the street. And even though I only got 1 dairy free flavor, it made the entire walk worth it. That cone was SO GOOD. I got a berry sorbet, pistachio ice cream and a lavender scoop. Amazing, as always.

Alright, more to come Friday, including our favorite breakfast joint, the only historical-tourist-y thing we did on the trip, and a couple of chop stick walrus pictures that are sure to make you laugh.

Have you been to Charleston? What are some of your favorite eats?

– Jen.

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