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Anyone else PUMPED for the weekend?

On Wednesday, I shared PART 1 of our honeymoon trip to Charleston. Today, we’ve got Part 2. We also got our wedding pictures on Wednesday. There are nearly 1,000! I uploaded a few to Facebook because I couldn’t wait to share them. Keep an eye out this weekend as I going to try and upload as many as I can. I’ll also try and share a few on the blog next week!

Until then, enjoy part 2!

charleston honeymoonHmm…I can’t remember what exactly we did the day after the beach, but I do remember starting one morning at the gym. The Boy and I kind of did our own thing, but we worked on pull-ups and turkish get-ups. He finally took my advice and queues on the get-up! He ended up being done with his work out but I was still feeling the itch to lift, so I spent a little time, just me and the weights.

charleston honeymoon

I’m pretty sure we went to Toast for brunch after the gym. Bottomless mimosa’s, yes please. Omelet for me and eggs, shrimp and steak for The Boy. It was so good.

charleston honeymoonWe spent some time walking around the city after brunch. Check out the open-air market and just did some relaxing. The only ‘historical’ thing that we did was take a walk around a graveyard in the area. The Boy doesn’t do well with heat and isn’t a fan of tourist-y things, so we mostly did our own thing. But, I felt like we had to at least do ONE thing.

charleston honeymoon

charleston honeymoon
Murica Bear

After a bit of walking, we went back to the hotel to hang out a bit, go for a little swim. I’d been craving Mexican, and luckily there was a little spot right by the shuttle drop off spot called, Minero. Super cute little place and mostly ‘small plate’ items. We both started with a strong margarita and some chips and salsa. Homemade chips (in a fun little oven mitt) and salsa! We also ordered a pork taco and steak taco, which were amazingly delicious.

IMG_3259.JPG charleston honeymoonAfter drink two, we ended up talking to two gals sitting by us at the bar. The Boy is so talkative, we make friends everywhere we go. It’s really nice for this introvert that is not the biggest fan of small talk.

charleston honeymoonSince we got their early and didn’t eat much, so decided to head back to Fire Street Food for more sushi…and a bottle of sake.

charleston honeymoonAs you can see, we weren’t too shy with our alcohol. I didn’t drink too much, only a few nights, but The Boy took advantage of all the extra alcohol we had left from the wedding and had a PBR (Murica!) or Lime-a-Rita in hand most of the time. Hey, we were on vacation.

IMG_3346.JPG charlestonhoneymoonSuch fun with this guy.
So, our absolute FAVORITE place we ate on the trip: Low Country Bistro. I read they had good chicken and waffles, which we had both been dying for, and since it was brunch time, that’s where we ended up.

First, we got a basket of biscuits and homemade jelly/jam. I was getting to the point where I didn’t want to eat much more gluten or dairy. But Mr. Burpees said they were amazing, so I had to try them. Guys, it was like eating a cloud…if I knew what eating a cloud tasted like. It was so soft, so buttery. So bloody good.

IMG_3273.JPG honeymoon charlestonThe Boy got the chicken and waffles…like half a fried chicken. On a sweet potato waffles. With this pecan bourbon butter. Guys, seriously. I can’t even. I don’t think The Boy talked to me the entire time he was eating.

charleston honeymoonI got a breakfast sampler of sorts with eggs, homemade sausage, bacon, potatoes and the BEST grits I’ve had in years. It was just so stinking delicious. I am drooling now, wishing I could eat there again!

charleston honeymoonAfter breakfast, we walked and walked and walked, about 6 miles total. And then we got some doughnuts at Gourmet Glazed Doughnuts. The bakers wake up at 2am every morning to bake all the doughnuts. They make doughnuts for the day and just close when they run out. We got their a little late, so we didn’t get anything overly awesome. A maple bacon, chocolate and fresh raspberry – which was my favorite. They were good, but not good enough for the long walks in the blazing heat.

charleston  honeymoonOn Sunday, we had a lazy day. We had brunch at the hotel – a buffet – the best. And laid in our room watching Jurassic Park marathons – finishing up from the night before. We saw the newest one a couple days before and LOVED it. We finally made our way down to the pool and stayed for hours.

charleston honeymoonAt the pool we met 3 older couples there on vacation and for a wedding on the beach that night. Since the hotel had cornhole, we challenged two of the husbands to a couple games. They were the bomb, and smoked us every time. One of them even had a cornhole board in his car!

charleston honeymoonAfter a long day in the sun, we ended our day of laziness by ordering all the pizza’s. One from our hotel that was shrimp and bacon – so good. And then three from Mellow Mushroom, which were amazing, except for the one that had olive’s on it. We both hate them and didn’t realize we forgot to ask for them to be taken off.

IMG_3276.JPG charleston honeymoonIn between our pizza delivery, we got a little surprise from our pool friends – champagne and strawberries! We tried to guess who would send it up and were so surprised when we read the card. It was so sweet. And they even spelled his name right!

IMG_3355.JPG charleston honeymoonAfter pizza, we figured we needed to go for a walk, after a day of laziness. So, we walked across the street to the park along the water. It was sunset and just so beautiful!
IMG_3352.JPG IMG_3351.JPG charleston honeymoonWell, there you go. We tried to make it to The Battery, the ONE place I wanted to spend some time at, but we just went for a super quick walk on our way out. We drove past it every day, so I did get to see it. Just wanted to walk around and see the houses more. The houses are CRAZY huge. Gigantic.

All in all, it was such a great honeymoon. We were able to relax after a crazy few months. And Charleston was amazingly beautiful. I can’t wait to go back. And I can’t wait for a lifetime with this fella.

charleston honeymoonLove this pictures of us. And my new lululemon shorts!

Enjoy your Friday. We are taking our parents out for dinner tonight and hopefully doing a bit of apartment decorating too!

What are you up too this Friday?

– Jen.

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