Make-your-monday-legendaryGood Morning and Happy Monday!

I had grounds in my coffee this morning. That’s never any fun. It’s nearly 10am and I’m just now typing this post. Let me explain…

Friday, I finally got my resume out for a job referral. I’d been working on it all week. I let my dad read over my resume and he ripped it apart. He’s been without a job since October (he was laid off), so being the type-A leader he is, he has gone to every workshop on resumes and more. So, while he was so helpful, it took a bit of time to build my resume again. It’s kind of the bomb now.

Right after I sent it off, I went by my parents house to show them all the wedding pictures (nearly 1,000). Then my mom and I ran out to get things for decorating my apartment. She is so crafty and a great decorator, so a few weeks before the wedding, I recruited her to  help me out. Since life has been so crazy since then, Friday was the first day we were able to do anything. So, we shopped and got brunch and hung out all day, until dinner. The Workout Bud and I wanted to do something special for our parents for helping out so much with the wedding, so we took them to our favorite place in town, 10West. It was so nice and relaxing and fun to spend time with them.

Saturday, after my BodyWorks class, which was full of squats (!!!), I met my mom at JC Penny to pick up new dishes. Now, I wanted white dishes for the kitchen – looks crisp and clean. Well, Mr. Burpee wanted a colored dish, like a deep red or something. I conceded and agreed to a red color since our other appliances are red.

The Boy will say he ‘doesn’t care’ what the dishes (or other apartment things) look like, when I ask his opinion. He says, ‘Well, if you like it.’ But I come back with, ‘BUT, do YOU like it?’ And he will say something along the lines of…’Well, I don’t like X part of it or blah blah blah.’ So, no, you don’t like it. Gives me a chuckle every time and made it a bit tough to find dishes, but we decided on these and I love them. Plus, with my mom’s coupon, they ended up being only $20!

And for the record, my mom says my dad is the exact same way. Anyone else’s hubs??

Mom and I grabbed a few other things and then went back to the apartment to start working. Here is a before and a not so great after. We have fluorescent lights in all the rooms, so I’m working on finding natural light bulbs!

kitchen before

IMG_3389.JPG kitchen afterI cannot tell you how great it felt to get that kitchen in order. I have a few more things to add and some organization on that top shelf, but for the most part, she is looking good.

After church on Sunday, I had The Boy run with me to Target to return a couple things and then get his opinion on my idea for a new desk for him. Our living room is super tiny and as a computer gaming nerd, he needs a decent desk for all his things and giant ass TV/computer monitor. After convincing him, we picked up what we needed and headed to the electronic store, where he got a new computer case. Since we were out and he was actually in the mood to shop, i.e. not whining every 5 minutes, we ran to a furniture store, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, Target, and Bed, Bath & Beyond (along with an Asian buffet for lunch). We got everything for his desk, groceries, and a new shower head.

couchAfter watching a bit of MASH when we got back, I went to work putting up some shelves. And he put together his computer case and before we knew it, everything was moved!!! Our living room needs serious work and some major shelving, but it looks so much better.

desk afterAnd the best part is that nearly ALL our wedding gifts and things are put away. Now to start in on the Thank You notes…and to add ‘write thank you notes’ to my to-do list.

Speaking of to-do list, it’s a long one. I just feel like I have a ton of stuff to do these past few weeks. Including getting some blog posts queued up. I’m really trying to give myself a break though, 6 months of wedding planning + life. And it’s only been about 3 weeks since being back from the honeymoon, trying to re-adjust and get back into the swing of life. Stuff is getting done, just not in the exact order and timeframe I’m wishing they would get done…like this post. Oh, well. I’m just going with it. Enjoying my bulletproof coffee.

Hopefully you are enjoying a drink as you read this week’s edition of ‘Well, Hello Monday…

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Yes, Tina Fey.

Getting stuff done today. And this week. And feeling good about it. Few things before I sign off to go finish up my batch of brussel sprout kimchi! Recipe will come along soon.

* Be on the lookout for new posts. I’ve definitely been slacking a bit on the blog front, kind of just putting out posts to put them out. But I’ve got quite a few coming up:

  • 5 Tips for Feeding a Man: Part 1 (you try feeding a 250# human)
  • How to Make Our Favorite Sushi (written by Mr. Burpee himself)
  • What’s in my Gym Bag?
  • Mini series on how I plan my workouts – special request from a few people, including my girl Sam, at Pancake Warriors
  • Yellow Curry w/Tempeh Recipe
  • Confessions of a Group Fitness Instructor
  • and a few new workouts

* Newsletters will start up again, hopefully this week! I’ve been missing them the past few months, but I’ll be back in action soon! Make sure to sign up if you aren’t on the list yet!

* If you are interested in getting a shirt like my fabulous ‘Oh My Quad Becky, Look At Her Squat‘ shirt, my mom is kicking off her Etsy shop in the next couple weeks and she is taking orders on shirts. Shoot me a message if you are interested. She also made my ‘Wifey’ shirt I wore on the wedding!

* Speaking of wedding, you can see our wedding pictures here, here, and here!

Whew, lot’s of things! I’m off to finish up the kimchi and get started on a few more things. I’ve missed ya’ll! Looking forward to getting back into blogging business.

As always, don’t forget to…

Make Your Monday LEGENDARY.

How will you make your Monday LEGENDARY? What was the best part of the weekend?

– Jen.

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