Make-your-monday-legendaryHappy Monday!

How was your 3-day weekend!? Ours was seriously great. If there is one thing that’s changed about me since living with Mr. Burpee (we lived together a couple months before he wedding when I was laid off), it’s that I relax a lot more. Like, will just watch a TV show with him without looking at blogs or playing on my phone. It’s been good for me…I think. It was definitely a relaxing, but really fun weekend.

Friday, we slept in and then went to our coffee shop for pancakes and coffee. We had wanted to get a massage or go kayaking for the day, but we just couldn’t get it planned. Instead, we decided to just shop around town and enjoy the day. We stopped at a small bike shop in town and ended up talking to the owner for quite a minute.
After, lululemon was our next stop, where we both gave in a made a purchase. I needed a couple new pair of tights for BlogFest, right? Since it was close by, we stopped in a BGI to check out there selection of bikes. After talking it through, we decided to buy new bikes!!
well-hello-mondayWe had to pick between a new bed and bike. And the bike’s won out! Plus, Mr. Burpee said it was my 5 year anniversary present. And since I had one, he needed one too. Solid reasoning, as usual. It’s been a minute since I’ve ridden a bike. And I’ve never ridden a ride bike before, so it’s going to take some getting used too. But I love it. And the bike I got is from a company run by women! How cool.
Saturday was another sleep in day and Murica’s Birthday. We started with a morning ride and I stopped in at the farmers market. It was the first time all summer I’ve been able to go with seeing stuff and now teaching on Saturday morning. I picked up some giant zucchini and the most beautiful Swiss chard! As soon as I got back, the parade started and went right next to our apartment. We stood in our doorway as it passed. Only in small, lake town Indiana does a 4th of July Parade consist mostly of tractors, tow trucks and golf carts.
 We hung around for the rest of the day, cleaning  and reorganizing the apartment and going on bike rides. After dinner, we walking down to the condos on the reservoir, to a friends, to watch the fireworks. They shot off the fireworks, not even a quarter mile away from where we were. It was pretty awesome to see them up close. And to just walk maybe a half mile home, instead of drive.
IMG_3557.JPG well-hello-mondayWe slept in too late and missed church on Sunday. I spent the afternoon doing Lansbury, reading up on Precision and doing some yoga. For dinner, our friends took us to sushi for our wedding present, since they weren’t able to come to the wedding. It was some of the best sushi we’ve had in a while. They just kept brining plates! But, it was tasty. We finished up the night watching a bit of the soccer game and The Originals. well-hello-monday
My BlogLovin feed has been cleaned up, finally. Which means, you get some good link love for this week’s, ‘Well, Hello Monday…‘.

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I’m off to change my name today! Finally got my marriage license in the mail.

Don’t forget friends, make your Monday…LEGENDARY.

What was the best part of your weekend? How will you make your Monday legendary?

– Jen.

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