Are you so pumped for the weekend? Friday’s have become my only day of the week, other than Sunday, where I don’t have any clients or classes to teach. And I try not to plan anything else. Today, I’ve got lots of Precision studying and brunch with my mom. She is almost finished setting up her Etsy shop!

Today, I’m bringing you a short, but sweaty workout I did earlier this week in between yoga and bootcamp. I wanted something quick, that incorporated the kettlebell snatch, push-ups and box jumps. So, I give you:


12-minute-quickie-workoutGrab a timer (LOVE my Gymboss), kettlebell (I used 25#) and a box or step with risers.

You will set your timer for 30 seconds of work | 30 seconds of rest | 12 rounds. The reps for each move will be 4. How it works: set timer for 30 sec work, perform 4 reps of the straddle box jumps, move to 4 reps of the box skaters, then back to the straddle box jumps. Get through as many rounds in that 30 seconds as possible. After the 30 seconds of rest, perform that mini circuit once more. Then move to the next set of 2 moves.

Kind of a weird structure, I know. But, I’m back to working on my push-ups. For some reason, I feel like my muscles are just gone! So, this was a good way to still get in push-up practice, without having to bust out lots of reps for the full 30 seconds.

You can also just do all of the box jumps for 30 sec, complete 2 rounds, and then move on to the other moves. Tweak it however you need too!


tips + tricks

  • STRADDLE BOX JUMPS: get low, drive through those heels and land light on the feet, when you land on the box. I stacked it 5 risers high. You want it to be a challenge, but go higher or lower, if necessary.
  • BOX SKATERS: go quick with this one, but be careful when you land. If jumping quickly is not for you, do a quick step over the box. Land low – work those glutes and quads.
  • SA KETTLEBELL SWING: keep the bell up in your lady/man part area, hinge at the hip, power through the hips to almost ‘snap’ the kettlebell up, squeeze on the up.
  • SNTACH: after the swing up, keep powering through the hip, punch your hand through, and push the weight overhead. Pack the shoulder at the top, everything nice and tight.
  • SIDE LUNGE: drive through the heel, stick the booty back, and keep chest lifted.
  • PUSH-UPS: check out my push-up tips here.

Linking up with the fabulous Jill Conyers today!

Working on random things today, pretending that I might be good and pre-pack for #BlogFest, and just relaxing. We have a somewhat busy weekend with a Street Dance festival and a cookout!

What are you up to this weekend?

– Jen.

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