The Workout Bud and I have been married for a little over a month, but we’ve been together for over 5 years (Holla for June 30!).


I thought I had his food and eating habits figured out. I’d cooked dinner for him before, at his place and my old apartment. I knew his favorite foods and when he tended to whine for food the most. But when we moved in together a few months before the wedding, it took me a bit of time to hone in on how to actually feed him.

When thinking of potential blog posts, I thought back on our conversations over the past few months and knew I had to write this post.
Now, these tips and observations are mostly for The Workouts Bud, however, if anyone else has a Hubs like this, let me know in the comments below. We need to become friends ASAP, if we aren’t already. Maybe we can form a club. Write a book about it. Become famous, make millions and then thank our husbands for being such ridciulous eaters.
husband-graphicCAN YOU MAKE IT FOR ME?

I cannot count the number of times I will come back from training a client or a class in the morning (at 9 or 10am, mind you, because that is when he gets up for the day – 9 or 9:30am) to The Workout Bud, WHINING, ‘Can. You. Make. Me. A. Smoooooothie. Puh-lese? Baaabbe?!?!

This is how he likes his smoothie: water (no milk), protein powder, and like 5 cups of frozen strawberries.
Doesn’t seem too hard to make, right? Easy enough that he could make it himself, right?

Well, has made it himself. Multiple times. Especially when I’m not there to make it.
So, after the whining, I say, ‘Babe, you make them all the time. Why don’t you just toss everything in the blender and make it yourself, Big Kid?’ To which he replies, ‘But your’s taste so much better.’, while batting his eye lashes.

feeding a man
Which is funny, because I never put as many strawberries in as he does/likes. I go for the normal serving size of 1 cup, not the 5-6 cups. AND, I get to add extra things like green stuff and chia seeds. Heh.

But, sometimes, I whip one up, because I’m just that awesome of a wife. Sometimes, I flat out tell him, ‘No. Make it yourself, big kid.’ Other times, I’ll say, ‘Okay, grab the blender for me, the protein and strawberries. And put some water in the blender. Oh, an toss in a scoop of powder and dump in a few strawberries, while I fill up my water cup.’
And by the time he does that, he’s made it himself.

feeding a man


…With a neon sign flashing over it that says ‘FOOD HERE. EAT.’ I’d like the sign to also say, ‘Don’t whine to Jena that there are no snacks around. There is one right here!’, but let’s face it, that’s too many words for him to read when the hunger hits.
The Boy likes snacks. Chips. Hummus and carrots chips. We have to buy the giant container of hummus from Sam’s Club, otherwise we would go through a container a day. Probably not, but it seems like it.
And he loves leftovers. I came home the other day after a client and class. He was all excited about making a Mexican PB&J – PB&J on tortillas…because he was out of bread. And I reminded him that we had leftover yellow curry and rice that he could eat for lunch.
He said he didn’t see it.
I opened the fridge and right in the very front was a glass containers with YELLOW curry and rice. Like see-through. So, he could see the YELLOW curry and rice.
I told him this with a chuckle, of course.

Then he asks, ‘So, I just put the curry in a bowl and add a little bit of rice and put it in the microwave, right?’ I chuckle again. It’s hard to tell if he is just joking around or being serious, asking how to warm up leftovers.

I’m happy to say, he successfully added the leftovers to a bowl, warmed it up and enjoyed every bite.


I asked him the other day – ‘What if I made stir-fry for every meal this week? Would that be okay?’ His answer: ‘Heck yeah, that’d be fine. I love stir-fry.’

We eat stir-fry. A lot. He likes it. I like it. It’s easy.


faux qdobaSometimes I think he gets sick of it or I just want something different. So I ask him what he wants for dinner and his reply is one of two things. The first, I’ll get to in a few paragraphs. The second is, ‘Rice. Veggies. Chicken.’
So, stir-fry, I reply. And he says ‘Yes’.

Last night, we had stir-fry/curry. I asked him if he wanted zucchini noodles and veggies and he said he didn’t care. Then I asked if he liked rice better, to which he replied yes…so we had brown rice + veggies and tuna in yellow curry sauce.


The past month or so, I’ve been sticking with the rice and veggies, but switching up the meat and trying out some new sauces (Yellow Curry from Trader Joe’s). He seems to like them all.
Which brings me to a new point…he like’s most everything I prepare. And if he doesn’t he will still eat it.

For instance, I made some brown rice noodles for him to have with the rest of the spaghetti sauce from the night before. That pasta is so tricky to cook and I took it out probably a minute too early. I tried one and there was definitely a bite to them. If it were me, I likely wouldn’t have been able to eat a whole bowl…and he did. The entire thing


This is the first answer I get when I ask him what he wants for dinner. Sometimes, after I ask what he wants, I just say, ‘Nevermind’, because I know what the first answer will be. Now, I love Mr. Burpee. I love that he is easy going. He is the Type B personality to my Type A perfectionist overachiever. However, sometimes a girl just needs to hear a definitive answer. ‘I would like spaghetti for dinner.’ Or, ‘Let’s go with some salmon and eggs (oh, yum).’ Rarely, does this happen.

But, like I said, he eats almost anything I make, except for beets, so it usually works out just fine.


The Boy’s food groups include: beer. bacon. ramen. and pb&j sammies. And since you can put bacon on ramen and pb&j’s and there is bacon beer, let’s just simplify and say that his main food group is BACON.

It’s funny, because we can go months without eating any bacon. But, when I make it again, it’s all he wants to eat.And he can eat. the. bacon. The night before we did our 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge, after eating a steak for dinner (a huge steak), he ate an entire pound of bacon. 16oz of bacon. In one sitting. #iloveyoumorethanbacon


On more than occasion, he’s requested macaroni and cheese with his spaghetti. Box mac. Mixed in with a bowl of spaghetti. When we first started dating, we were at my place and he had some leftover spaghetti…and he put nacho cheese sauce on top. And at ate the whole thing.

Yesterday morning, he hadn’t eaten anything by the time I got home at 12 except for a white chocolate mocha – so healthy. So, I told him I could cook a little extra of the zoodles I was making for lunch. He suggested he have chips or something. As the wife, I have to encourage healthier eating most of the time. So, I recommended an egg sandwich – egg on sourdough bread. He agreed as long as it came with jam. Jam.

He loves jam. He’s very similar to Joey, from Friends.
feeding a man


I’m flying to LA TODAY for #BlogFest (WWWWWOooooo!!!!). I’ll be gone until late Sunday night. Last week, he mentioned that he needed to ‘start planning all the good meals to have starting on the 15th, like ramen, a grilled cheese and pb&j’. ALL the carbs and processed foods while the wife is away!

I get it. I know that he will likely eat foods that are not the best choice. And they will be carb heavy – meaning they won’t really fill him up, so he will eat more. I’m only slightly worried that I will come to him having diabetes or whining with a tummy ache. So, in efforts to encourage ‘healthy’ eating while I’m away, I tried to recommend a few solid meals, like:

  • Babe, how about I get you some yellow curry sauce. Rice will be made and all you will have to do is add veggies to a pan and warm them. Then add the sauce.’ – ‘Yeah, I can probably do that!VEGGIES – check
  • He will have to make his own smoothies while I’m away. Too bad they won’t taste as good as mine. Heh. He just ordered some new Whey protein, so I’m suggesting he add a scoop of chia seeds. It’s is a easy to open + see container, with a fun little scoop. HEALTHY FATS – check
  • One of my FAVORITE meal prep hacks is Chicken Sausage from Trader Joe’s (or Eathfare). I buy a few packages and freeze it. Take them out on nights when I just don’t want a lot of food prep. All he will have to do, is put one (or three) on a plate and warm. He can even eat it alongside his pb&j for extra protein or put a few in his ramen noodles. LEAN PROTEIN – check

No matter how crazy the requests or weird the combinations, the guy is still the best. And I’m sure I’ll have many more observations and tips over the next however many years we will be kicking!

feeding a man
Gosh, isn’t he just so cute.

Does your partner have any crazy eating habits?

– Jen.

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