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I’m a planner. I like to plan. I like to know details. I like to know when things are happening.

In an effort to not spend tons of time creating workouts for my classes each week, and in efforts to not wait til 5 minutes before class to plan something, I planned the next 10 weeks or so of workouts for bootcamp and the next 6 weeks or so, of BodyWorks + SilverSneakers. It was a pretty epic challenge to undertake, for sure. And it took a while. (Stay tuned, new series on how I plan my workouts + classes will be coming to the blog soon!)

Well, last week (and this week), I changed things up. Since I knew I’d miss at least 1 bootcamp class, I decided to just take 2 weeks off from planned workouts and toss in some games. That way, all my classes would be on the same schedule.

It went pretty well. Last week, I took 2 old blog workouts (this one and this one) and did both in one class period. All my bootcampers seemed to enjoy it and really pushed themselves.

Sometimes, making the change has good benefits.

Which brings me to today’s workout.

I was in the mood for a change on Tuesday. I wanted to a quick workout (I’m all about the quickie workouts these days) and I wanted kettlebells, AGAIN! What can I say, I love kettlebells. You get a SOLID workout in a short amount of time.

But, what moves to do?

Then I remembered one of my favorite workouts to do with my clients and classes: a 5 for Fat Loss circuit.

About a year ago, BodyBuilding.com published an article by Nick Tumminello explaining the ingredients for the perfect fat loss circuit. It includes a pushing exercise, pulling exercise, core exercise, leg exercise and cardio exercise. The first 4 moves are performed for 30 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds of rest, and then cardio move is done for 1 minute. For a total of a 5 minute workout.

The reason why this type of workout works so well for fat loss is that coupled with the strength moves, the structure creates a constant cardiorespiratory effect. Blood is flowing throughout the body as you move from upper body to lower body. And the 1 minute of cardio at the end give you that extra boost. Because it is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout, your EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption) is increased and calories will be burned even after the workout is over.

Now, when you toss a kettlebell in the mix, you get a sweaty workout. Try doing swings for 1 full minute. It’s tough.

I did a 20 minute workout, 2 mini circuits that are 5 minutes each, completed twice. Your option is to do just 1 round of each of the two circuits, just switching sides within the 30 minutes. One or both of these circuits will work great as a finisher, as well.

You will need:

Set timer for 6 rounds of 30 sec work and 15 sec rest. For the 1 min cardio, you will need to check your timer. You will go the full 30 sec, full 15 sec, and only 15 sec of the next 30 sec interval.


PUSH-PRESS: clean + rack kettlebell. Ground through heels, bend knees and squeeze glutes as you press the bell overhead. Bring back to racked position.

SNATCH: after the swing up, keep powering through the hip, punch your hand through, and push the weight overhead. Pack the shoulder at the top, everything nice and tight.

PLANK PULL THRU’S: assume plank position, feet should be a little wider than hip width apart. Bell should start on left/right side. Reach through arm to pull kettlebell to the other side of your body. *optional: add a push-up

RACKED SIDE LUNGE: clean and rack kettlebell. Perform a side lunge, lunging on the same side as racked kettlebell. Repeat on other side.

SWINGS: keep the bell up in your lady/man part area, hinge at the hip, power through the hips to almost ‘snap’ the kettlebell up, squeeze on the up.

UNEVEN PUSH-UP: one hand on the bell, one hand on the group, perform push-ups.

HIGH PULL: set up like the swing, but rather than let bell float up, bring arm to shoulder height, elbow back. Keep core braced tight, along with glutes, to get the bell up.

WINDMILL: feet hip width apart, press bell up with packed shoulder. Turn feet 45 degrees away from bell. If bell is on the right, put all weight on right leg and stick hip out (sassy hip, thanks to Karen Smith). Bend front leg and reach down, while looking at bell. Come back up.

DEADLIFT: heavy bell between legs. Stick booty back and down, hinging at the hips slightly. Pick up bell with both hands, while keeping lats tight and driving through heels + squeezing glutes on the way up.

GirlsGoneStrong, Neghar Foonini and LiftingRevolution have great tutorials, if you need a little extra explanation.


  • The HIGH PULL is a bit tough. I’d not really done it before. Snap those hips like you would with a swing and keep that core solid and tight. If you are loose, the bell will not come up at shoulder height. The tighter you keep everything, the ‘easier’ the move will be.
  • Doing swings for 1 minute is no joke, especially after you get through the first round of swings. Don’t be afraid to rest, if necessary (I did) and get back to it. I also did SA swings and alternated arms. And I had to drop my weight from 35# to the 25# I had for the last 1 or two rounds.
  • I used 25# for the: push-press, snatch, pull through, racked side lunge, high pull and some of the swings. I used a 20# for the windmill and uneven push-ups. And 35# for the swing and DL. Pick what works for you.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m BlogFesting it up until Sunday!

Are you a planner? Do you like to switch things up on the reg?

– Jen.

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