Good Morning!
I missed you guys on Monday. Today, we are talking BlogFest.

Have you been seeing other recaps floating around social media? Aren’t they good? Don’t you wish you were there? Guys, it was awesome. I am so thankful that I won ticketsAnd I even got to meet Laura from MommyRunFaster! It was pretty cool.

I’m feeling a bit late on the recap train. I had ample time to get it written on Sunday, but I did a bit of updates on the blog instead. My brain was on overload and I was in a not so good mood. In case you missed it on social, I spent the entire day at the airport!

blogfest-recapI decided to leave a day early (the manner of women is no fun ladies). I called the airline and they said I could upgrade to a flight at 11:00am for just $75. My original flight home was at 4:00pm. So, I leave to get to the airport at 9am and wait in line for 45 minutes. When I get to the counter to explain, the lady tells me that the person that told me the information was incorrect. And it was a no goes on a flight, unless I wanted to cancel and buy a brand new, more expensive ticket. I figured I’d wait until the 4pm flight and just focus on some blog updates and such. I was uber productive and listened to ALL the Chalene Show podcasts (she is my new favorite).

Then my 4:00pm flight was delayed. By an hour.  And to make matters worse, I missed my connecting flight by 10 minutes. And had to wait til 11:35pm to go to Indianapolis. I was able to do some more blog stuff. And some yoga. And by the time 11:05 rolled around, they changed my gate without posting anything, so I had to book it to the new gate.

I finally got to Indianapolis at 6am on Monday! My Hubs picked me up and I came home to a painted living room with shelves! He did such a great job – I’ll have to share pictures soon!

Now on to BlogFest – let’s recap backwards, change it up a bit.

blogfest-recapSaturday was my first full day with the IDEA World Expo. There were 12,000 fitness professionals at the conference. And so many awesome classes. It was so hard to choose. My first class was put on by Trigger Point. It showcased a new myofascial release system utilizing 2 balls, 2 rollers and a foam block. We got to try the system and it hurt so good. I was so impressed that I bought it later that night.

I want to a class on HIIT (high-intensity interval training) vs. HVIT (high volume interval training), which was very informative, but I was so wiped that about halfway through, I just zoned out. I checked out a class on HIIT workouts for small groups and a class put on by the founder of the M.E.L.T Method – something I’ve never heard of before but it was pretty interesting. Plus, I got some great samples from some awesome companies like Skoop and Crazy Richard’s PB!

My night ended with dinner with my bestie from college. We haven’t had a face-to-face conversation in nearly 7 years. It was like no time passed. I got to meet her hubs and new baby, Emery. And we enjoyed Qdoba. It was a solid night.

blogfest-recapThursday and Friday were BlogFest days and filled with SO MUCH information. I typed like crazy on my Evernote (which I am IN LOVE with these days) and have so much info to go through. I love Katy Widrick‘s opening talk on Increasing Readership. Uh, and love her. And Natalie Jill did a talk on growing your business on Pinterest. Pinterest! Honestly, Pinterest is on of those social media outlets that I don’t really do anything with for the blog. I use it when I want to relax and unwind. But after that talk, I need to get on it with using Pinterest!

We did an AWESOME workout with Gabrielle Reece, had the tastiest cauliflower + quinoa salad from Nestle (omg, so good), went on a jog on Thursday morning, heard Jillian Michaels speak, ate tasty food, and finally met Michaell from FoodScape in person!! We got lunch and chatted and had the best time. Plus, I got to meet amazing Blog friends: Jill Conyers, Jessica Joy, Renee Benda, Angie, and more. And met so many new friends! Including my amazing roommates, Giselle, Hollie and Sandra. They are seriously the bomb dot com.

IMG_3899.JPG IMG_3903.JPG IMG_3905.JPG blogfest-recap

I am so pumped to use all the info I learned to make Burpees for Breakfast awesome, the Blog and the Business. Stay tuned next week for more details. Some changes are in the works and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Did you go to BlogFest? What was your favorite part?

– Jen.

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