Heh, long Good Morning today. How the heck are you guys? Are you looking forward to this week? To this Monday? How was your weekend?! Friday, started off great. I subbed a bootcamp class for a friend of mine. The last time I subbed, I did my Burpee Burner workout, because she told me they like to work hard. Well, I felt like I got more than a few groans from people and wasn’t really sure they liked it.

This time, I did 2 mini workouts, my Phone Number Workout and my 16 Minute Vacation Workout. My bootcampers did both workouts a couple weeks ago and I got great feedback. The same happened this time – I had people taking pictures of it, so they could it on their own. I got a few groans, but lot’s of ‘Woohoo’s’! I felt great teaching it too!

well_hello_mondayI did some random things for the blog and business and Precision in the afternoon. Including almost finishing up our wedding guest book! I ran out of glue, sadly, before adding all the pieces. That night, The Boy and I went out on a date. I actually straightened my hair and put on make-up. And a dress. I spend so much time in fitness clothes, that sometimes wearing normal clothes and putting on make-up makes me feel so good. The restaurant we ate at was only average and we finished the night with a movie and ice cream.

well_hello_mondaySaturday, I taught my weekly BodyWorks + Abs class, which went swimmingly! I was rocking my ‘Act Like A Lady, Lift Like A Boss’ shirt from my mom, my Qalo ring, and my new bracelet from Momentum Jewelry. I tried to get a good  instagram shot, but it just wasn’t happening.

well_hello_mondayI spent the entire afternoon at my favorite coffee shop, studying, reading and planning for Precision. I’m going to be running an 8 week nutrition program in September, so I’m in the middle of getting things planned! I had to start making some diagrams, which meant 2 new boxes of markers!!

For dinner, we had….stir-fry. If you missed my little post on what it’s like feeding my husband, check it out right here. It will make the next few lines make sense.
Okay, so I asked him what he wanted for dinner and, I kid you not, he said: ‘Rice. Veggies. Chicken.’ And I said, ‘So, stir-fry.’ And what did he say? ‘Yeah!’ Hah! I was like…did you read the post I wrote about you? He didn’t so I had to explain a bit.

well_hello_mondayWe made it to church on Sunday. With being out of town the past couple weeks, I felt like it had been forever! I made The Boy run to Earthfare with me before we headed home. I spent the afternoon doing some blog work, planning for the week, and some cooking, while he played computer games.

And then, because I’ve been on a roll and I’m PUMPED to roll out my nutrition program soon, I read my final chapters in Precision and PASSED! I’m CERTIFIED!!! Woohhooo! It doesn’t feel official – I still am going to review the nutrition part of things and wait for my official certificate to come in the mail. But, HAZZAH!! The Boy and I got M&M’s at 9pm to celebrate.

So, before we get into today’s edition of ‘Well, Hello Monday…‘, I wanted a little bit of feedback. I learned SO MUCH at BlogFest and I can’t wait to share more with you on how it rocked my world (it’s coming this week!). In thinking on the future and what I want Burpees for Breakfast to look like moving forward, I thought about these weekly posts. I really enjoy writing them and they get quite a bit of traffic, but at the same time, I could be using Monday to post more on nutrition or fitness. I’m curious about what you think of these Monday posts.

Maybe they should be cut down to once a month? Maybe put in a newsletter? Condensed to just include some link love, rather than a weekend recap? I have a little survey below and I would LOVE, if you could give me some feedback. [TAKE THE SURVEY]
If you want to go more in depth with your answers, just shoot me a little email at [].

on push-ups: how to do them <– love this tutorial. she is just awesome.

on personas: how to define yours <– love these tips. and isn’t Steph great.

on inspirational words: believe (CONGRATS to Jill for passing her CPT exam!!)

on social media tips: from BlogFest

on strength: find your inner warrior

on my ‘Must Try Workouts’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my ‘Can you make that dish for me, please?’ list: one. two. three.



Remember, give the survey a spin. Let me know your thoughts. ALL KINDS of things going on this week. The Boy just joined Century 21, which means I am going to be taking over administrative stuff with our property management company. I learn all the things this week! Along with lots of new blog and business things. Guys, so much stuff to tell you!

I’m feeling AMAZING today and planning on making this Monday, Legendary.
Don’t forget to do the same.

How will you make your Monday LEGENDARY?!

– Jen.

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