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Side note: just another reminder of why I need to write posts not in WordPress. I was basically done with this post and then there was some funky error and I lost most of my updates! Blah!

I originally planned on doing one post for this topic, which included some take aways from BlogFest. But as I kept writing, I figured you might not want read a novel. So, consider this part 1 of a two part super mini-series on Eating Burpees for Breakfast! Today, you get the back story. Friday, you will get my Top 5 Tips on How to Eat Burpees for Breakfast.


First things first, what do I mean when I say ‘ EAT BURPEES FOR BREAKFAST’?

So, burpees are dubbed a not fun exercise, correct? People basically hate them. Well, I love them – in case you couldn’t guess by my name. When I do burpees, I feel unstoppable. I feel confident. I feel powerful. I feel awesome.

To me, eating burpees for breakfast means tackling life first thing in the morning – feeling awesome about what you do – excited to get shit done – and ready to take on any problems along the way.

For the first time in a long time, I’ve been eating burpees for breakfast, errday.

Now, let’s back track for a hot minute. I promise, it will help everything else make sense.



Remember back in February when I was laid off. When I said, ‘Oy with the poodles already.’ a lot? I decided to
take the lay off as a big fat step in the direction of being my own boss. My ‘put-on-those-big-girl-pants and try to make sense of what it means to work for yourself and start your own business’ time.

In the midst of it all, I was planning a wedding, fighting feelings of fear and not being good enough,  and feeling overwhelmed with trying to navigate all the information about starting your own business. I ventured out and started teaching some classes, which I love. And made very small attempts to grow the blog, thinking that magically things would happen with the little work I did.

I gave myself a bit of an ‘out’ for not going at things full force, with wedding planning. But the more I thought about it in the couple weeks leading up to BlogFest, the more I realized I just let fear take over. I didn’t put everything I had into my dreams.


I dug deep into the core of who I really am – I like working, creating, teaching, planning, serving, helping. At my core, I’m the Type A and I’d let myself turn into this person that just wanted to do nothing. I didn’t like it.

Somehow, a week or two before BlogFest, I snapped back into it. I checked out some books on leadership, mindset and personal development from the library. Loaded up my podcast library (LOVE Chalene!!!!). Set a loose schedule for myself each day. I found I need to be OUT of my apartment or sitting at a desk with a specific todo list to be able to get things done! And I started feeling like myself again. I am someone that needs structure and a schedule and to feel like I am accomplishing things. It’s not a bad. It’s how I’m wired to feel my best and to feel successful.

I went to LA with some big goals in mind. It might have been the second day of BlogFest, when I knew that I could make this whole #GIRLBOSS (I’m reading this book and I LOVE it!) thing work. After the honeymoon, the Boy and I talked about my trying to find a full time job. We are doing okay, but we want to pay things off and travel a lot.

I knew this going into BlogFest. But as I listened to the speakers and talked to new blog friends, I realized I had it in me. I just had to believe that I could do it. And go for it.

The I talked to my parents both about it as I was doing laundry – and they were both supportive – and even gave me ideas on different services (homeschool gym teacher, what?!) and e-books I could write. I realized I had TONS of support around me and people believing in me. And I was confident that I could really make it as a #GIRLBOSS.

Last week, I was on such a productivity high. This week, the same thing. Over the weekend, I passed my nutrition certification! I wrote down ideas for my nutrition program. I have quite a few of my class participants interested. I’ve been drinking up podcasts, reading books, scribbling down ideas, trying Periscope. I’m feeling pretty awesome.


So, with all that comes a few things:
1. My Top 5 Ways to Eat Burpees for Breakfast: coming to you on Friday. There are some good tips!

2. A solid 8 week Nutrition Program: I’ll be taking people through the program starting in September. I am also taking on a couple of individual clients in mid-August. If you are interested or know someone that is interested, check out my Nutrition Coaching page. I’ll have ALL the program details up by Friday (that’s the deadline I gave myself!)

3. More nutrition information + new recipes: With all this nutrition knowledge, I’ll be dropping some of it on you guys. And I’m tossing around the idea of an e-book, focused on nutrition and recipes, but it’s not official yet. I’ll keep you posted.

4. Live Periscope workouts (search: Jen Elliott): Okay, people were RAVING about Periscope at BlogFest. So, I downloaded the app, but didn’t use it until Monday night. It was pretty cool. My idea is to use it in junction with the workouts I publish on the blog. The Periscope will stay up for 24 hours, people can see how to do the moves, and if it’s a hit, then I can work towards starting a YouTube channel!

5. Newsletter updates: I’m working on growing my email list. I’ll be sharing tips each week! Plus, I’m working on a mini e-book of sorts for all email subscribers (and for those already signed up!). It’ll feature workouts and recipes…and that’s all I’m spilling for now!

Whew! Lots of updates! Thanks to those of you that filled out the ‘Well, Hello Monday…’ survey. If you’d still like to fill it out, check it out HERE!

What is one your dreams you’ve put on hold or thought you couldn’t accomplish?
Are you ready to go after it?!

– Jen.

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