Make-your-monday-legendaryGood Morning!

Uh, it’s already August! Can you believe it? It’s true, the older I get, the faster time goes by.

So, I got some good feedback about these posts, but it ended up being pretty much even between people that like ‘Hello, Monday…’ and people that would like to see a different post. If you haven’t talent the survey yet, I’d LOVE it if you would take 5 after reading this post and complete it. Here is the link!

Anyways, how was your weekend? What did you do that was fun? Friday was my ‘day off’, and I worked a bit on my Nutrition Program, which I’ll talk more about in a few. The Hubs had to go to Century 21 in the afternoon and we decided we needed to go to lululemon after. So I tagged along an worked at Starbucks for a bit, and had a fun, productive FaceTime with Michaell.

We made the trip to lululemon (where I had to buy new headbands and a bra) and I waited in the car wile The Bud did a closing, which he said would take ~20 minutes. It ended up take 1.15hr! I got in alot of walking and listened to alot of podcasts. Needless to say I was a bit hangry by the time we made it to Qdoba for dinner!

hello-mondayI taught on Saturday morning and then made my way to a super crowded farmers market. The parking lot was packed at 11am. I figured it’d be good going that late, since it closes at 12pm, but it was crazy! I spent the afternoon hanging at my favorite coffee shop, putting the finishing touches on my Nutrition Program page. I so proud of it and really excited to get started!!

Sunday, The Boy and I woke up early for our walk. We’ve been going strong for a few days! Church was next, followed by a grocery store run. It was my food prep day and I started strong in the afternoon. About 1:30, The Boy said one our friends wanted us to meet him at a property for bit. I reluctantly went because I’d planned on saving the whole day for food prep. It turned out we were meeting at a bar that he is trying to sell. It was pretty legit. And even though I am all about eating healthy, I’m still all about balance, so when I was offered a free, vodka glass, with a shot of cranberry (seriously it was nearly all vodka with barely a shot class on cran!), I went for it!

walkBy the time we got back home I was slightly tipsy and hangry, so we just went to a place in town and got some shrimp and burgers! We also finished the last episode of MASH! It feels like we just started it and I can’t believe we watched all the episodes already!

So, fast promo about my Nutrition Program. Remember last week when I finished and passed my certification! Well, I spent the week planning and creating my program. I still need to create all the PDFs and package all the documents, but the page is up on the site and ready for people to sign up!

NUTRITION COACHINGIf you or anyone you know is interested in the program, please check out he page. Even if you are still just curious, sign up for the newsletter. This week, I’m putting a video up on Periscope each day, explaining the different components of the program. And speaking of Periscope, the broadcast from yesterday is still up (until about 12pm), if you are looking for some background info on the program and who would benefit from it!

Alright, time for what you’ve been waiting for, another edition of ‘Well, Hello Monday…’! As I wrangled up my posts, I realized it’s a pretty sparse week on the link love front. Another good reason to fill out the survey and let me know if you want more link love on Monday or something else!

on magazine fitness advice: vogue + foam rolling <– seriously legit article. love it!

on life: you can do hard things

on trying: 3 tips to push your limits

on skin-care: cleaning up your routine

on passive income: working smarter not harder

on my ‘Must Do Workout’ list: one. two.

on my ‘Must Try Recipe’ list: one. two.




I want a Frenchie or a Pug, so bad. The Boy won’t let me get one. I need to work on ways to convince him – if you have tips, you should let me know. Like ASAP.

I’m subbing a class today and going over of real estate stuff to take over for The Boy. Busy week, but I’m pumped to get more stuff done!

How will you make your Monday LEGENDARY?! How was your weekend?

– Jen.

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