I love Sriracha as much as the next person.

Actually, I like it. A lot. But I won’t go so far as to have Sriracha chips or snacks or purchase the Sriracha cookbook.

I also like love Trader Joe’s. And when I saw that TJ’S had their own Sriracha Sauce, it went straight into my basket.

If you’ve been following me at all on social media, ie. Insta, you’ve no doubt seen me putting Sriracha on errythang. All day, errday. I love the TJ’s brand because it’s a little more sweet than regular Sriracha. I’m not a huge fan of overly spicy things, so this adds just the right amount of sweetness.

effortless_sauceNow, on to this sauce. I really wanted to call it Crack Sauce because I feel like that’s how good and addictive it is. Not that I’ve tried crack and really know if it’s similar, but hopefully you’re catching what I’m throwing. And I know many a things have been called Crack Sauce, so I tried to think of something more original. However, the-best-freaking-sauce-that-is-so-stupid-simple-to-make was too long of an SEO title. Boo.

I settled with:


Using my h1 heading thankyouverymuch.

This Effortless All-Purpose Sauce is perfect for nearly every meal. Only a few simple ingredients and bursting with flavor, you'll want to keep this on hand at all times!This sauce was a complete accident. It seems all my best recipes are either an accident or so simple I can’t stand it.

After the honeymoon, all The Boy and I wanted to eat was boiled shrimp. Thank you Earthfare for having quality shrimp on sale, allowing me to snag a pound or so to enjoy over a movie, while we wished we were back in South Carolina.

In need of a cocktail sauce, I decided to concoct something on my own. We had the Sriracha, ketchup and mustard. So, I mixed everything and it somehow tasted like cocktail sauce. And it was freaking delicious. And The Boy liked it. Win.Win.

Then I used the leftovers one night when we had chicken sausage, spiralized sweet potatoes and some green veggies (see the picture above). Guys, it was the perfect dipping sauce.

[bctt tweet=”You’ll want to put this effortless all-purpose {Sriracha} sauce on everything! @traderjoeslist”]

At this point, we both we hooked on the juice sauce and wanted to put it on alllll the things. And we did.

I even put some on top of our salmon one night, wrapped the salmon in foil and baked for 15-20 minutes. It  was just the greatest.

Now, because I love it so much, I must share the recipe with you.


I used the rest of the sauce on Monday – in our deconstructed sushi bowls and for lunch with my pan fried plantains. And I got so much solid feedback from The Boy on this tuna/sardine/quinoa salad with avocado sauce, and I’ll be sharing that recipe soon. Again, one of those recipes where I put everything in the bowl and it ended up tasting amazing.

wiaw_all_purpose_sauceEnjoy this one!

Linking up with Jen for WIAW today!

Are you a sriracha fan? Do you have a favorite all-purpose sauce?!

– Jen.

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