In under 30 minutes, this double stacked bodyweight workout will get your body moving and heart pumping. You have the option to use a box or step. My BodyWorks + Abs classes gave this workout a BIG thumbs up, and I am sure you will feel the same!

First things first, a demo of all the moves + part of the workout is up on Periscope right now! And in the beginning, I TOTALY meant 30 seconds, not 30 minutes. Heh! It will stay up for 24 hours only (until 8:30am on Saturday – sorry if you are reading this after it’s gone!). If you find it helpful to have the moves + workout shown via video, let me know. It will help me determine if I need to start posting workouts to Youtube!

Second, I love this workout! I’d done a stacked workout before in a class and when Pumps & Iron posted a 3 part series on a stacked workout she does in her classes, I thought I’d try it out on my people. I actually used almost the entire workout one week, one day when I just wanted to switch up the class routine, just subbing a few moves. My group enjoyed the structure, so I decided to bring it back last week.

The entire workout we did consists of 3 stacked circuits, however, I’m sharing the two favorites today. Last week, I received lots of thumbs up after class, even though there were also lots of groans. I count it a good workout when I hear groans AND still get good feedback at the end.

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My class is forever asking for more ab work and this workout delivers, as it is focused on core and lower body. We did an upper body + core focus yesterday and it was KILLLLLLLLER.

For this workout, you will need a

  • interval timer
  • a mat
  • a box or step (If you don’t have one, I’ll offer some modifications)

Your timer (get a Gymboss MiniMax!) should be set to :30 sec work and :30 sec rest…which will really end up being work intervals, for 13 rounds.

Here is a breakdown of how the workout will flow:

  • Complete exercise 1 for :30 sec. Rest for :30 sec.
  • Go back to exercise 1, complete for :30 sec, followed immediately by exercise 2 for :30 sec, then rest.
  • Move through workout adding on 1 new move after each :30 sec rest.


  • PLANK WALKS: Move up and down from hand plank to elbow plank. Keep feet wide, pelvis tucked and glutes tight to prevent hips from wagging back and forth. **For a variation, stay in hand plank and walk up a step or box.
  • DEADBUG: Lay on ground with knees at 90 degrees, neck neutral and arms straight up. Lift tail bone up slightly to allow entire back to touch the ground. Very slowly, lower opposite arm and leg to just hover over the ground. Return to start. **For a variation, just lower 1 arm or 1 leg, rather than both.
  • SL PLANK LEG LIFTS + KNEE TUCK: Assume hand plank position, with core tight, lift one leg off the ground. Using that same leg, bring the knee to the same side elbow, then to the opposite side elbow. Return to start. 1 leg per round. ** For variation, assume plank on step or box.
  • BEAR TUCKS: Come into table top position, wrists under shoulders, knees just under navel. Rise up slightly on toes, knees should be just barely off the ground, back flat. Slowly bring your knee towards the middle of your body. Alternate tucks.
  • SIDE PLANK CRUNCHES: Assume side plank, keeping elbow stacked under your shoulder, hips lifted. Either stack feet or stagger your stance. Slowly bring top knee to top elbow. Return to start. ** For variation, just hold side plank or perform movement on box or step.
  • PLANK HOLD: Pick your poison, either hold elbow plank or hand plank on ground or box/step.


  • BOX SKATERS: One foot on the box, one foot on the ground. ‘Skate’ back and forth on the box, landing softly on feet each time, staying in a low, athletic stance. Perform quickly, once you get the movement down. ** For variation, perform regular skaters on ground. ***Optional: quick step up and down, rather than jump.
  • STRADDLE BOX JUMP + SQUAT: Straddle box/step. Driving through heels and using glutes, jump up onto the box, landing softly. Sit low in a squat, jump back down to straddle the box, landing in another squat. **For variation, perform a wide squat + narrow squat. ***Optional: quick step up and down, rather than jump.
  • V-UPS ON STEP: Sitting on behind, lean back contracting your abdominals, lifting feel off ground slightly. Alternate coming into a wide ‘V’ and a narrow ‘V’. **For variation: do not use a step AND/OR lower/lift feet.
  • RUSSIAN TWIST: Assume same position as V-up, rotate shoulder girdle from left to right, while maintaining a slight lean back, keeping abdominals contracted. ** For variation, lift feet higher, add weight, or do not use step.
  • SPRINTERS: Either on ground or box, come into a squat position on one leg. Other leg will move back and forth, along with arms, while standing leg remains in squat position.
  • BOX JUMP: Driving through heels, contracting glutes, power up off ground to land on box with light feet, keeping knees slightly bent on landing. **For variation: quick step up on to box or perform squat jump/bodyweight squat.

Remember, check it out on Periscope AND let me know if you enjoy it. Show a little love with the hearts and let me know in the comments if you would like to see more. I’m trying to figure out if people like a full length, follow along workout, a little snippet under 10 or 15 minutes, or if people just want a demo!

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What are you up too this weekend? The Boy and I have a Cornhole Tournament tonight and I might try to build my standing desk on Saturday. We will see  how it goes…

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Are you a fan of bodyweight workouts? Have you tried Periscope yet?

– Jen.

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