Make-your-monday-legendaryHappy MONDAY!

How is it going? How are you all doing?! The weekend – was it awesome?
FriYAY – I did a little workout demo on Periscope for the workout I posted on Friday. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a good one. Go take a peek. I spent a good portion of the day doing account stuff with Mr. Burpee. Since I’ll be doing more office assistant type work while he’s becoming a big shot at a new real estate agency, he showed me some of the ropes when it comes to paying rental owners.

hello mondayWe played a very short portion of a Cornhole Tournament, raising money for a local non-profit. We lost in the first round – which ended up being okay because it was toasty outside! We missed our original dinner reservation, so we opted for sushi instead. Uh, they had a BACON roll – bacon, crab, avocado. Yes. Please. And, get this, we took home almost an entire roll in a box. Guys, this has LITERALLY (imagine I’m saying this like Rob Wolf from Parks & Rec) never happened before. We’ve been together for 5 years and eat sushi, almost once a month, if not more, and we have NEVER had leftovers. When The Elliott’s go for sushi – we GO for sushi.hello mondayI taught class on Saturday morning and it was a doozy, even though I did the workout on Thursday. I came home to a giant breakfast before doing a little work on my newsletter freebie – it’s coming this week!!! – and heading to the parents house to start some laundry. My sister took some awesome pictures for me for the e-book. She should probably go be a profesh iPhone photographer…maybe.

hellomondaySunday Funday, we got up for our morning walk before heading to church. It’d been what felt like forever since I had waffles or pancakes, so I made a batch of waffles and bacon for lunch. Gah, it was good. I planned on finishing the e-book/newsletter freebie yesterday – which I did – so, instead of going to a coffee shop to work, I just laid in bed all day, watching movies/shows and finishing up work. It was glorious.

hello mondayI told The Boy that I’d seen a photo in my Instagram roll of someone putting a runny egg on their left over Chipotle. I suggested we do that one day, but with Qdoba. We are snobs and love Qdoba, like a thousand times more than Chipotle. And free guac, uh, yes. He said something crazy like – We’ve been wasting our life. We must get Qdoba and put on egg on it right now….so we did it. And it was great. And there were no leftovers. Because when we go Qdoba, we GO for Qdoba.

Guys, I just finished my e-book – 5 Workouts to Make You Fall In Love With Burpees – is almost ready! It’s being reviewed by some of my best blog Blends (Uh-lliteration). Once they give it some thumbs up, it’s going to be heading to your inbox. If you are signed up for my newsletter already, I’ll send it on to you. If you are NOT on the list, you better sign up ASAP! These are 5 BRAND NEW Workouts! You won’t want to miss them!

Now, on to another edition of ‘Well, Hello Monday…

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on the ‘right technique’: when it doesn’t work

on squats: what’s your optimal stance?

on mind-shift: how it can change your business

on a Quest Bar: know your ingredients

on interval workouts: rest = magic

on blogging: 10 blogger things

on saving space in your gym bag: MIND. BLOWN.

on my ‘must try workout’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my ‘must try recipe’ list: one. two. three. four.


Love that quote!

So, what does your week look like? Hopefully filled with awesome things!

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NUTRITION COACHINGOne more thing, don’t forget to make your Monday…LEGENDARY!

How will you make your Monday Legendary?

– Jen.

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