Guys, this exercise is no freaking joke.

And when you throw in some double suitcase deadlifts, jump rope and weighted walking lunges, talk about a lower body burner!

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lower-body-burnerI have a client that has a bit of trouble with her knees turning inward when she squats. Have you been there? The assessments with my siblings (they are homeschooled and I am their gym teacher!) revealed that all 3 of them have trouble with their knees knocking during squats.

Knees knocking or knee valgus is a common compensation observed during a squat (or even during static posture). While there are a few causes, we are going to focus on the muscle imbalances – the overactive muscles and the underactive muscles. In this case, our overactive muscles would be our adductors (inner thighs), bicep fermoris – short head (little tiny muscle on the bottom distal/outside portion of our hamstring), the TFL – Tensor Fascia Latae (runs along the outside of the thigh), vastus lateralis (runs from the outer top of the quad to the middle) and the lateral gastrocnemius (calf muscle). All these muscles move the leg towards the midline of the body, so it makes sense that they would be overactive or tight, if knees knock during a squat.

The underactive muscles including: gluteus maximus/medius (your booty), vastus medius obliques (quadricep muscle), medial hamstring and medial gastrocnemius. Can you guess what these muscles do…move the leg away from the midline, simple speaking.

Now, one important thing to do to help correct muscle imbalances is to stretch the tight/overactive and strengthen the weak/underactive muscles. One way to strength the glutes aka. your booty, and other underactive muscles for those with knee valgus, is to do banded lateral walks.

The good thing is that this exercise is not reserved for those with knock knees. It is a FANTASTIC exercise to help active and strengthen your glutes. And what ladies do not want a nice strong, sculpted booty?

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The beauty of this lower body burner is that it only contains 4 exercise. The exercises seem easy enough – at least that is what I thought. Then I did the workout. And my booty BURNED. And it was sore later that night.

You will need:

lower-body-burnerHow To:

Start off with your jump rope, doing 100 skips. Move to your banded walks. I did this in my parents driveway and I’m not sure how long it was. Go about 10 sets of 8-10 steps one way, then back – meaning, you will take 10 steps with the band, perform 5 squats and then take 10 more steps with the band, continuing until you’ve completed 8-10 sets of 10 steps/5 squats. You will do 16-20 sets total. After your walks, perform walking lunges. After about 15 total lunges, I stopped, performed 10 double suitcase deadlifts and then walked back. Again, I used the driveway, so it was roughly 15-20 lunges total, each way. If you want extra, perform 2-3 sets of the workout.




  • BANDED LATERAL WALKS + SQUATS: Place band around ankles, calfs, or quads. Get low in a squat. Take very small steps to the left/right, grounding through heels, keeping glutes tight, and pushing off the back foot. After taking 10 steps in one direction, perform 5 bodyweight squats. Focus on driving through heels and pushing knees out against the band.
  • WEIGHTED WALKING LUNGES: With weight in hands, roll shoulders back and down and engage lats. Perform walking lunge by driving through heels, keeping pelvis tucked and not letting knees go past foot.
  • DOUBLE SUITCASE DEADLIFT: Kettlebell should be on either side of feet, about hip width apart. Sticking butt back, hold the horns of the bell. Roll shoulders back and down, and engage the lats. Drive through heels, pulling weights with you as you stand up, squeezing glutes at the top.

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Do you have a favorite butt exercise? Do you have a favorite lower body burner?

– Jen.

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