Make-your-monday-legendaryHappy Monday!

How are you doing this morning, friend? Are you ready for the week? What do you have on deck? How was the weekend


Friday, I started the day bright and early with a walk, before filming a demo of the Lower Body Burner Workout on Periscope. I’m honestly still figuring that app out. I really like it. However, I’m wondering if 8am is too early for a broadcast. I figured it might be good for those people that want an early morning workout, but I’ve been noticing that other Scopers (is that even a word) are starting around 9am. Might try that this week and see how it works.

After Periscope, I crossed some things off my personal todo list, like: call consignment shops to try and sell my old wedding dress, find a groupon for massages, figure out my student loan business, change my name on all remaining things… I got quite a bit accomplished, which felt so good. In the afternoon, I worked at Starbucks while The Boy had a conference/speaker thing. I spent the time reviewing SEO and analytic things.


If I’m being completely transparent, I’ve never really spent much time reviewing or even understanding my blog analytics. As I’m wanting to grow the blog and business, it’s vital that I get on it with my analytics. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over an expecting a different result…that is basically how I was operating. I came away excited to start digging deeper and slightly overwhelmed with all I feel like I need to learn! And to ease my overloaded brain, we got to have steak for dinner at the In-Laws!

weekend_dateSaturday morning, I taught MOST of my BodyWorks class. Sometime last week, I aggravated my sciatica/piriformis. In my class on Thursday, I had to take it easy on my reverse lunges, but I had to not do some of the moves in this class it pinched/hurt so bad! And after stretching at the end, it was worse! I was hobbling out of the gym to my car, feeling like an old woman! It’s yoga all week for me til class on Thursday.

That afternoon, The Hubs and I headed out to the mall for a little date. We have both been feeling overwhelmed with work and life. So, a few days before I told him we needed a date where we did not do ANYTHING related to work – no email, no cell phone calls, no work talk. So, we shopped. And we did pretty good. We met my family for dinner at a new burger joint after, and he had to do a small little work thing. After dinner, we came home and got some treats, before starting a movie. We got about half way through the movie, before I fell asleep. And it was a deep sleep…at like 8:15pm.

weekend_cookiesSunday consisted of church, food prep, blog work, dinner, another walk, and a movie. I got SO MUCH food prep done and even made Michaell’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. My sister got me a Frenchie cookie jar for the wedding shower and apparently, I told The Hubs that once we were married, the jar would always be filled with cookies (I think he might be making it up…). Well, I was finally able to fill the jar (Bugsy) with the cookies.

I made just about the best dinner ever. I glazed the salmon, wrapped in foil and baked 15 minutes. While cooking, I grated a half baked sweet potato (it was huge and I had to leave before it finished up cooking), added egg and some flours, and pan fried them in coconut oil. I made some Crack Sauce, took out the avocado cream sauce I made earlier, along with the fruit salsa/salads I made: tomato + peach and pepper + mango + peach. It was SO simple and SO good. I’ll be sharing some of the recipes soon!


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Because I love Friends and sometimes you just need a laugh on a Monday!

As my siblings gym teacher, I have my first real session of the school year with them. I have a feeling it will be a fun….class. In other news, I’m almost done with Vampire Diaries season 5 and I am going to need Netflix to add season 6! And The Originals! The Boy and I are watching Burn Notice right now, which is pretty good, even though I can only think of the main star as the douche in Hitch. He was just really good at that roll.

Busy week ahead. Good week ahead. We are hoping to go to the fair before the end of the week. And I’m planning on getting a massage and my nails did. Finally using some wedding gifts!!

How will you make your Monday legendary? How was your weekend?

– Jen.

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