Make-your-monday-legendaryHappy Monday, Friends!

How are you doing? How was your weekend? Ready for another week? The final week in August! Where is the time going?! My weekend was a little different than I expected.

Friday morning started bright and early with a consultation with a brand new nutrition coaching client. She is AWESOME and I cannot wait to work with her. After, I headed to my parents house and filmed a quick video on Periscope, demoing the workout from Friday. The kids gym class was right after, and we did a big obstacle course outside. It was so fun and they really got into it. The funny thing is that my brother that has hardly participated in the class, ended up having the fastest time, even beating me.

My weekly chat with Michaell was in the afternoon, just before going on a walk with The Boy, while he did some property management stuff. On my way home, I got so dizzy, The Boy had to drive me home. My head started hurting earlier in the afternoon, but I just brushed it off. I ended up just hanging out the rest of the night, while The Boy played some poker with friends. I finished season 5 of Vampire Diaries, too! Bah! I need season 6 on Netflix, like now, not in a month or so when the new season comes on TV.

I woke up Saturday and stopped by a fitness job fair. I was finished in all of 5 minutes, so I hit up the farmer’s market before class. At the market, I started feeling bad again. I warned my class beforehand that I wasn’t feeling good, but managed to make it through class. I grabbed a cup of coffee, hoping the headache I had was from caffeine headache – it wasn’t. I ran some errands with The Boy in the afternoon, all the while feeling blah. By the time we got home, I figured my asthma was probably acting up, along with my allergies, so I got a bottle of NyQuil and took some extra sinus drugs, hoping they would cure me.

Sunday, I woke up feeling pretty great – much better than Saturday! After church, we stopped at a new doughnut shop in town, which has AMAZING doughnuts. The Boy had a big poker game all day, so I hoped to get a bunch of work done while he was gone. But I ended up being in this weird funk, where I couldn’t focus and just felt out of sorts. After a few attempts to snap out of it, I decided to just roll with it. I made a tasty dinner and turned on Gilmore Girls, while doing some work. Of course, Gilmore Girls would make things better.

Today, I’ve got a jam packed day and I’m ready to take on the week. Let’s get on with another edition of ‘Well, Hello Monday…’ (WHM – I’ve decided to shorten it!)

On Exercise and Nutrition: Why Advanced Strategies Can Backfire

On Coaching Cues: 5 For Improvement (I use some of these already!)

On Basic Human Movements: 7 Essential Exercises

On Core Stability: Does the ‘Feel’ Matter

On The Glutes: 5 Exercises You Haven’t Tried

On Nutrition Plans: How to Know If Your Plan Is Legit

On Living Green: 4 Simple Ways

On Gratitude: Wake Up with It

On Mindfulness: In the Midst of Chaos

On Adrenals: 15 Ways to Be Kind to Them

On My ‘Must Try Workout’s’ List: one. two. three. four. five. six.

On My ‘Must Try Recipe’s’ List: one. two. three. four.

Love it!

So, just to keep you in the loop – I’m still tossing around different ideas for this WHM post. I have some new content I really want to share with you guys, but I know people enjoy this post each week. I’m either going to: 1. keep it the same; 2. move it to newsletter content each Monday; 3. do these posts 2x per month and a series the other Monday’s. I might be trying something out for September, so keep an eye out.

Tell me about your week! What is going on in your world?!

How will you make your Monday legendary? How was your weekend?

– Jen.

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