Disclaimer: I was sent a Bulu Box in exchange for an honest review, through my partnership with Fit Approach. As always, all opinions are my own!

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First off, orange is my favorite color and apparently, so are the folks over at Bulu Box. I love it. Second, I think you are going to want to try out this awesome subscription service.

What is Bulu Box?

Great first question, guys. Bulu Box (taken straight from the website), is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box designed to help you feel your best. Nice, right?
Every month, Bulu Box will send you 4-5 samples of awesome products, from the top brands, for you to try out and sample, before you buy a full size.

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I love this idea, because there are so many new products I want to try, but I’m not always sure I will like them. Getting to try a small sample is the perfect way for me to test it out. Then, if I decide I like it, I can even order the full size product from the Bulu Box website.

For example, I received a sample from Mediterra. They create sweet and savory bars. There was a sun-dried tomato bar in my box and as much as I tried to enjoy it, I just couldn’t.

bulu_box_review_itemsHow much does it cost?

A subscription to Bulu Box is only $10/mo. There is free shipping on each box. Subscribers can cancel or pause service at any time. Plus, if you sign up for a full year, you will get 1 month FREE!

If you choose to purchase a full size product, you receive free shipping on orders over $50.

One of the perks is the reward system, which can help you earn money to use on your orders!

What types of things are sent each month?

When you sign up for Bulu Box, you have the option to fill out a user profile and receive points (more on points below). It’s a pretty quick 10-12 question survey that allows you to answer questions on your current nutrition and health needs/goals. You can see a few sample questions below.

bulu_box_review_surveyThe user profile, in my opinion, is completely necessary, in order to try products that fit your dietary needs. For instance, I received 2 packets of Quest Protein Powder. Whey Protein products and I are usually not friends, so I wasn’t able to try it in a full shake. However, I did use it to make some protein bars for The Hubs and I have a peanut butter + jelly smoothie in the works. The good thing for me is that if I were to ever get anything my stomach didn’t like, he would eat it.

Tell us more about these rewards.

So, for every 10 reward points you accumulate, you will receive $1. You can earn points a few different ways (check out all the ways to earn here):

  • When you sign-up for month-to-month, you earn 50 points for each $10 box.
  • Receive 20 points by completing the User Survey.
  • Earn 50 points for each friend you invite that signs up.
  • Get 10 points for every sample survey you complete – there will be at least 4 each month.

Between the points you earn with each box and the other opportunities, you are getting at least $10 back each month. You can redeem the points on full-size products only. So, if there is an item you love in your box, you can put your points towards that item. If you wait it out and accumulate enough points, you can get a substantial amount off the full-size product (you can’t redeem points for more than the total amount of purchase).

What are the subscription options?

Bulu Box offers month-to-month, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription options. Again, if you sign up for a full year, you will get your first month free. You can also use the discount code below to earn 50% off a 3 month subscription!

Did you like your Box? Are you going to join Bulu Box?

If I’m being honest, I didn’t love the products I received in my box. My anti-itch cream did come in handy after getting a few mosquito bites! However, after learning more about Bulu and seeing the products they offer on the site, I will likely sign up for a 3 month subscription and try it out.

I have a feeling once I fill out the User Survey, I’ll receive products that are more catered to my dietary needs. And I think I’ll discover some awesome new products to share with you guys.

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Can we get in on this?

I’m so glad you asked. If you are interested in trying out Bulu Box, you can receive 50% off a 3-month subscription by using the discount code ‘SWEATPINK’.

bulu-box-review-discount-codeMake sure to check out the Bulu Box website to check out all their awesome products!

Have you ever tried Bulu Box?

– Jen.

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