Make-your-monday-legendaryHAPPY MONDAY!

Guys, have you already had your coffee this morning? I’m major late on posting. This weekend was jam packed and I’ll share more below. And today has already been a doozy! I had a client at 7am, booked it home to fix breakfast (and rinse dishes while it was cooking), ate half before I had to go to the Chiropractor in town, had my appointment and then booked it home for a client call at 9:15am. After the call at 10:15am, my husband had some rent come in for his property management rentals, so I prepped the rent to take to the bank to deposit, which we did after stopping by the post office. And, after a handful of grapes and a few bites of cantaloupe, I’m finally sitting down to type this post!

hello mondayWhew! I’ve got some client work and food prep before heading to a neurologist appointment with my husband this afternoon, and I am most certainly planning on a yoga class tonight.

How is your Monday going? Busy?


So, I seriously had to look through my planner to remember what I did on Friday. And speaking of planners, my client told me about a Passion Planner and I’m totally getting one. I’ve been looking for something just like it, but settled on a makeshift Moleskin notebook last week. I can’t wait to get one!

Ah, Friday (can you tell I’m a little scatterbrained and in need of coffee?!)! It started with a Chiropractor appointment. If you remember, I tweaked my glute a couple weeks ago and The Hubs nudged me along to go see the doctor. She told me alot of things, and from what I remember, there was not good things happening with my L5 Lumbar, SI Joint, Sciatica and Piriformis. After pushing and pulling on my lower body and back, she made me lay on this rolling massage table with electrodes attached to my lower back for 10 minutes. It felt amazing. She said no exercise, lots of ice and another appointment, which I had today (spoiler: it feels SO much better!).

hello mondayMy siblings gym class was after the appointment and we played Monopoly outside. After, I made my way to my favorite coffee shop to do a little work before meeting with a new personal training client. She is the daughter of a friend in town and she is so great. She is getting started tomorrow morning! After the meeting, I headed home to help The Hubs fill out some paperwork, before we had dinner and I spent the night watching some How I Met Your Mother, while writing up some recipes for my nutrition clients.

Saturday was spent in a coffee shop, nearly the entire day. I had tons of stuff on the todo list and I knew I’d be hanging there for the day. I stopped by the farmer’s market first and then ordered 2 cups of coffee as I prepped client plans, the kids gym class plans, and some nutrition coaching items. It was a busy busy busy day. So much so that The Boy and I made our own adult beverages later that night…as I did a little more work!

We didn’t have church Sunday morning, so I woke up a little early to do some nutrition coaching planning. My boss told me a few weeks ago about a ‘Cycling Clinic’ I could attend in the afternoon. I figured it would be super basic – something just to show instructors how to teach a cycle class at LA Fitness. Well, it was a legit cycling certification for Keiser!

hello mondayAnd because I didn’t think it would be that great, I didn’t bring clothes or a towel, so after the MASTER CLASS we went through at the beginning, I was cold and sweaty for the rest of the class. Thankfully, I brought some snacks, especially since I didn’t get to grab lunch before I went. I’m sooooooo pumped to start teaching. And FREE CEU’s, yes please. Well worth it. I ran by Sam’s Club and then home to my Hubby for sushi! His parents bought us dinner and we picked sushi…and ice cream when we got home. It was a pretty darn good solid day, even though I did end the night with a little bit of work.hello mondayAnd now, here we are. Monday. It’s going to be another busy week, but I’m ready for it. I think I’ll be enjoying lots of yoga! On Saturday, I’m heading to Ohio to spend a relaxing weekend with my girls, The Thugs. And when I get back, I think I’ll be able to take a little break.

As I searched for my favorite posts from the week, I didn’t really have any saved, which means I didn’t have time to read other blogs throughout the week. Wake up call! I need to assess my busyness and stress level – make sure everything is in check. I’m caught up in the #hustle. Which is why the link love is a little sparse. Although, I think you will enjoy them still!

Chocolate Hummus Sandwich cookies: gah!

Gluten Free Vegetable Buns: uh, yes. and so interesting.

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars: The Boy LOVES both separately, can’t wait to make this for his birthday.

Apple Fritter Muffins: dying.

Master the KB Swing for a perky booty: love this tutorial from Taylor.

Jill of All Trade’s: Taylor, you just get me. I have been thinking through my fitness priorities for a few weeks now, because I am SO a Jill of All Trade’s. Right now, I’m prioritizing: kettlebells, yoga, body weight/walking/mobility.



So, just an update, next week there will not be a ‘Well, Hello Monday…’ post. Instead, I’m sharing an exciting new announcement that you are going to want to hear!!!

And hey, even if you’ve had a crazy weekend like me and a crazy Monday/week ahead, don’t forget to…


How will you make your Monday legendary?

– Jen.

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