This is the perfect travel-friendly 10 minute kettlebell quickie for spur of the moment weekend road trip or during the week at the gym. It requires one kettlebell and a timer, with a jump rope as an option. Short, sweet, and sweaty!


Anyone else headed out of town for Labor Day? I was originally supposed to visit The Thugs last weekend, but we ended up changing it because this weekend worked a little better. I’m headed out tomorrow morning first thing. The Hubs left just a couple hours ago on a road trip to DC, with his bros to visit his sister. He invited me along, but 10+ hours in a car with nerdy boys or a weekend with my girls…I picked my girls right away.

I go back and forth on vacation with wanting to workout. Sometimes I just enjoy the break. Sometimes I’m gone so long that I just need to move a little. Since I’m driving to Ohio, I can easily bring along my 25# kettlebell, which is usually in my car anyway, and my jump rope, which lives in the car. I’ve been taking the week off with my workouts, so I decided to create a workout that I could do over the weekend, if I felt so inclined to move my body more.

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You will need a mid-weight kettlebell – one for swinging and windmill-ing. I usually swing heavier, but I don’t want to lug a bunch of different size bells for one workout. I’m almost there with the 35# for a windmill, but not quite yet.


  • 1-mid weight kettlebell (25# for me)
  • Interval Timer (I love my MiniMax)
  • Jump Rope


Set timer for :40 sec work | :20 sec rest | 10 rounds. You will complete 2 rounds of each move. For any single leg/arm move, you will perform one side the first round and the other side the second round. If you would like a longer workout, go for 2-3 rounds, taking 1-2 minutes of rest between each round.


  • SWINGS: keep the bell up in your lady/man part area, hinge at the hip, power through the hips to almost ‘snap’ the kettlebell up, squeeze on the up.
  • GOBLET SQUAT: Clean the bell with both hand and hold at chest level. Spread feet a little wider than hip width apart, toes turned out slightly. Keeping elbows lifted and out, lower down as low as you can into a squat. Elbows should be on the inside of the knees, ever so slightly pressing them out. Drive through heels to stand.
  • SL RDL: Pick a leg to start with, put weight in heel with a slight bend in the knee, glute squeezed, pelvis slightly tucked, shoulders back and down. Bell should be in the opposite side hand. Hinge at hip, bracing core to bring back parallel to the ground. Keep core tight and squeeze glute as you come back to stand.
  • WINDMILL: Feet hip width apart, press bell up with packed shoulder. Turn feet 45 degrees away from bell. If bell is on the right, put all weight on right leg and stick hip out (sassy hip, thanks to Karen Smith). Bend front leg and reach down, while looking at bell. Come back up.


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If you are looking for another workout that only uses 1 kettlebell, check out the Upper Body Focused Unilateral Workout from a few weeks ago!

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What are you doing this weekend? Do you like travel workouts?

– Jen.

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