Modality of the Month is a new series from Burpees for Breakfast. Each month learn about a new fitness modality (equipment or workout structure) and receive a new workout each week, utilizing that modality. modality of the monthHAPPY LABOR DAY!

How is everyone doing? Anyone else have the day off…and by day off, I mean I only have 1 client and I’m planning on watching a movie or two, while I work on my laptop! And sip mimosa’s…all day-ish.
You might notice, there is no ‘Well, Hello Monday…‘ on the blog today. But, if you are subscribed to my email list (you need too be subscribed!), it should be in your inbox shortly. A few weeks ago, I was debating cutting WHM post completely. My survery results were pretty split, so for the next month or two, I’m either going to: send it out via newsletter, or do a post 1-2 Monday’s out of the month. Be on the lookout for more updates.

Today, I have a special announcement. I hinted to one last Monday, however, that one will come next week. My intention was to announce both at the same time, but it will be more fun this week. This type of series has been rattling around in my brain for a few months now and I’m pumped to finally get started.


Why not?!

Fun fact: I’m a bit of a knowledge junkie. I love reading fitness articles about certain pieces of equipment or types of training. Specifically ones that show me how I can incorporate it into my routine, and how I can improve.
I’ve also found that when I drop bits of knowledge on you in a workout post, it tends to get pretty lengthy. In efforts to still provide you with some education AND a solid workout, I decided splitting things up would be the best option. Plus, this gives me an opportunity to introduce some new modalities to you, not often seen on the blog.


Each month, I will introduce a new fitness modality. That can be a piece of equipment (agility ladder or Bosu Ball) or type of workout (Pyramid or Tabata). On Monday’s, you can expect to see some details about the specific modality – why it is important, fun ways to use the modality, etc. On Friday’s, you can expect to see a workout, utilizing that modality. Here’s is an example:

MONDAY: why should you train with kettlebells, what are some things to think about when using kettlebells, etc.
FRIDAY: Upper Body Kettlebell workout, Full Body Kettlebell Burner, etc.

Kettlebells will not be the first modality, especially because it seems like most of my recent workouts are kettlebell focused. I just love them.

I haven’t decided on a workout for this Friday yet, but next week you can except a workout that includes the first modality!

Do you have anything specific you want to see? A certain piece of equipment? A certain workout structure? Tell me in the comments!

How was your weekend? How will you make your Monday legendary?

– Jen.

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