This juice recipe is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day. The fruit combo add the right amount of sweetness and includes two of my favorite fruits: beets and mangos! Sip this poolside, while soaking up the last little bit of summer.



Note: This recipe was published on the blog some time ago. In efforts to update some of my favorite recipes, I’m sharing this one again!

This one that time, I set out to do a 3 day juice cleanse, in hopes of helping my gut.
I didn’t even make it an entire day. #fatkidscantgothatlongwithoutsolidfood

At this point in time, I am not a huge proponent of straight juice cleanses or fasts. Juicing removes the fiber and other nutrients from the fruit/veggies, so, to me, it’s really not practical for long term. I know it works for some and to each his/her own. Personally, I like a big cup of fresh pressed juice very now and then.

I mean, peeling and chopping and running the fruits/veg through the juicer is not a quick task. And let’s not even talk about cleaning the juicer. But, when I take the time to make a glass, it’s usually worth it. This juice is one of those juices that does not disappoint.

We learned about beets a few weeks ago with the Strawberry Beet Protein Smoothie and Michaell gave us the low down on mango last week (gah, that sushi looks so good!). Basically, this is a powerhouse glass of juice with those two ingredients. Then toss in some spinach, cucumber, carrots, sweet potato and lemon. BOOM! The perfect juice?! I think so.


Juice fan? What are your favorite combinations?

– Jen.

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