Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things, in the latest edition of Friday Favorites. Check out what things are at the top of my list, plus enter to win a fun fitness t-shirt in an awesome giveaway!

friday favoritesHAPPY FRIDAY – FRIYAY!!

Are you so pumped the weekend is here?! I feel like I’ve been going non-stop for the past two and a half weeks, and today is one of my first real ‘days off’-ish, in a while. I still have some work to do, but I can do it at my own pace and I’m planning a shopping trip!

I couldn’t decide on a workout to share this week, so instead, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things. And yes, there is a giveaway at the end!!


Like I mentioned above, Friday’s are usually my day off, meaning I don’t have any clients or meeting scheduled. I absolutely LOVE my clients. Seriously, they are the best. But I love days when I don’t have anything specific scheduled and I can kind of work at my own pace, without rushing through things to get to a session on time. I’m planning on doing a little prep for classes/clients/the blog today, but I’m doing it over coffee…and maybe a little bit of The Mindy Project playing in the background. Fast side note, I need a new show. Vampire Diaries is taking FOREVER to get to Netflix. I seem to always fall back on How I Met Your Mother and Friends, and now Mindy again. Leave me some suggestions below!


lululemon cropGuys, how did I go so long without trying lululemon? Because of the price, that’s exactly why. Last Friday Favorites I shared my favorite lulu harem pants, which I still love. However, these crops are my most fav. They are so stinking thin and form fitting, it doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything. If I could wear them every day, I would.

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GRiZ + Big Gigantic – ‘GOOD TIMES ROLL’

This is one of my current favorite jams. I was looking through playlists to find some good songs for my classes, when I came across this song, on the Re-energize playlist. Love this song and the Re-energize playlist! Check it out – I think you will like it too!


So, in not so favorite things, my glute/lower back is still tweaked. It’ll be fine when I’m not working out for a few days (ie. this weekend), but then the simplest thing will set it off. This week, it was trying out crow pose. Since it’s being wonky, I’m not doing any high-intensity workouts, other than my 3 classes. But, I am trying to add it as much yoga as I can. My body has just been craving it, which is pretty surprising, because I usually need some kind of sweat fest for my own workouts.

I got a fun new yoga mat over the weekend with a gift card. And I’ve been trying out some of Fightmaster Yoga‘s videos when I don’t go to a class. Love the variety she offers. I especially liked this class with Tim Senesi. I also just found his youtube channel, so I’ll be trying out his videos soon!


Are you finally ready for the giveaway?! So, last Friday Fav, I shared my ‘Oh My Quad’ shirt. People say they love this shirt, all. the. time. The awesome thing is that my mom made it and I can get fun t-shirts made anytime! In honor of her Etsy shop launch and a pretty dang successful week of business for her, I wanted to share the love with all of you!

Toss out a Woohoo! I’m doing the same thing.

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Here are the details:

  • ONE lucky reader will win a custom t-shirt from I’ma Make That. Your options are: ‘Oh My Quad Becky Look At Her Squat‘, ‘Kettlebells & Kale‘, or ‘I Eat Burpees for Breakfast‘. You choose the quote, color, and style.
  • Giveaway will run from Friday, 9/11 – Thursday, 9/17.
  • Winner announced on the blog Friday, 9/18.
  • All readers will receive 10% off orders in the I’ma Make That shop starting today (9/11) thru Saturday, 9/19. Just enter code ‘BURPEES‘ at checkout!
  • Enter below!

I’ma Make That T-shirt Giveaway

The Hubs and I totally took those pics late last night and that’s the best photoshopping I could do! He’s just the best.
So, fun weekend plans? Anything exciting going on? I’m planning on taking things slow! And I’m pumped for shopping today. I have a credit on my LOFT card and I’m hoping I can find a big oversized sweater, just in time for fall!

Linking up with Jill and Nicole today!

What are your favorites? Any fun weekend plans?

– Jen.

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