These 5 Tips for an Aspiring Girl Boss are perfect for those of you trying to navigate through all the information out there, telling us how to be a successful entrepreneur!

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Being an entrepreneur is hard. Sometimes spelling the word ENTREPRENEUR is hard. Amiright?!

When you are just starting out and what trying to figure out what the heck it even means to be an entrepreneur, aka. #GIRLBOSS, it can be incredibly hard, sometimes downright stressful, navigating your way through all hoards of amazing people offering advice, on how to be an entrepreneur.

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We see things like:

  • If you want to be successful, you must grow your email list. Without it, you might as well throw in the towel now.
  • Email lists are a thing of the past. You don’t need one to grow your business and anyone who says you do is a liar!
  • Sign up for this Instagram class and I’ll teach you how to grow your Insta following from 8 follwers to 938 trillion in just 3 months!
  • Tweeting 9 thousand times a day is the thing that made me a millionaire in 2 whole weeks. I’ll teach you to do the same.
  • Don’t use Facebook if you want to be successful. It’s too confusing and they take your money.
  • I started out selling a e-book of photos I took on my phone that weren’t very good quality and people thought my recipes were average. Now, I sell millions of copies errday and you can too!
  • Every successful entrepreneur does X,Y, Z. You should do the same.
  • Every successful entrepreneur does NOT do X, Y, Z. Don’t follow their example.
  • YOU MUST BE ON PERISCOPE! Stop everything you are doing this minute, create an account and do at least 10 videos everyday.

Now, I’m obviously over exaggerating these points. All except the 938 trillion Instragram followers, obv. But in all seriousness, we are thrown a lot of information. And when you don’t really know what you are doing, sifting through everything can be overwhelming to the point of making you question your decision to be a #GIRLBOSS. We need more tips for an aspiring girl boss out there!

It’s happened to me a couple times in this journey. And because I’m not a quitter. And because being a #GIRLBOSS (and eating Burpees for Breakfast) takes knowledge & persistent hard work. And because I truly love educating & inspiring people to live a healthy life and want to be able to do that for a while…

I kept after it. I kept learning. Discovering. Getting frustrated. Pushing through the frustration. Drinking cups of coffee. And starting finding what worked for me.

And because I love you so much, I wanted to share some of my tips for an aspiring girl boss with you! It’s not your typical, ‘Do X, Y, and Z when you first start out…’ stuff. These are simple tips that any #GIRLBOSS can do today!

tips for aspiring girl boss

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1. BREATHE. Just breathe. Close your eyes. And breathe. You will figure it all out. It will take some time. You will get frustrated. You will fail. You will learn for your failure. You will work hard. You will succeed. Just keep breathing.

2. REMEMBER WHY YOU DECIDED TO DO THIS WHOLE #GIRLBOSS DEAL IN THE FIRST PLACE. Why did you take that leap? Maybe you left your salaried job, nice lifestyle and health insurance. Maybe you were laid off, like me, and forced to chose between corporate and the dream. I don’t know your story (I’d LOVE to know though – so hit me up!). But you do. You decided to go into business for yourself for a reason. REMEMBER THE REASON. Keep it where you can see it. And think of it in those times when you want to give up.

3. FIND SOMEONE(S) YOU KNOW. LIKE. & TRUST. Diane Sanfillipo is probably my top virtual mentor. I found her through Balanced Bites, and she recently started doing podcasts on starting a business. It is hands-down, my favorites. In nearly every cast, she talks about the importance being someone people can LIKE. KNOW. and TRUST.The same applies as we are sifting through all the information thrown at us. So many people have so many valuable nuggets of information, and everyone seems to be successful. We want to be just like them, right? But, you gotta pick. Who do you LIKE. KNOW. and TRUST? You gotta figure it out.

Then, listen to their advice and see how you can utilize it as you grow your business. And you might not use everything they say. Heck, you might even disagree with a method. That’s okay, because when you LIKE. KNOW. and TRUST. someone, you still respect them and their opinion, even if you might not always agree. Some people/podcasts/bloggers I LIKE.KNOW.and TRUST:

  1. Diane Sanfillipo / Build A Badass Business
    (I seriously LOVE Diane. If you want more details on the specific podcasts and WHY I like them, just let me know)
  2. Chalene Johnson
    (TOTAL fan girl moment when Chalene ‘liked’ one of my Insta photos on Monday!)
  3. EntreLeadership Podcast
    (just started this cast on Monday and I’m hooked)
  4. Amanda Tress
    (one of my favorite Periscopers & MY NEW BUSINESS COACH!!)
  5. Elle & Co. (some many good, easy to navigate tips)

4. FIGURE OUT WHAT PIECES OF ADVICE TO START WITH, BASED ON YOUR BUSINESS. If you are like me, you have a few handfuls of tips and tricks that you want to try. Implementing everything at once will 1) take alot of time and research, 2) make it a bit harder to see what things are actually working and not working. Pick 1 -2 tips/tricks. Work on implementation and see how things go. Which leads me to my next point and an example.

5. Create a plan. I’m a list maker. A planner. I love my planner. My husband isn’t. So more times than not, he springs something on me and I have to adapt. He’s good for me in that way. But, I still get that feeling when plans change or when I don’t know what they plan is. Same goes for being a #GIRLBOSS.
With so many new things to try and do and implement, you could be spending days just wasting time, thinking you are actually being productive. I’ve been there. Creating some kind of plan is essential. Whether it’s a plan for how to structure your day or how to attack growing a social media platform. Plan it. And do it.

Here is an example.
Diane & Amanda both talk about sharing valuable content on your social channels. Amanda even did a Periscope on why you shouldn’t post sweaty gym selfies on Insta and expect to get followers. So, I took that advice. I stopped posting pic on Insta, just to do it. Instead, I started being more strategic in what I post, what I write in the description and when I post. I’m happy to say, it’s seemed to really pay off, as my Instagram is growing pretty steadily.

One more: Diane likes to say (because we are best friends and talk all the time…it feels like it with her Periscopes) that we are not Taylor Swift (she is in concert here tonight!). Meaning, we can just post to social media and not interact with people when they leave us a comment. I’ve started interacting with people on Instagram that comment on my posts. It’s great because you are  likely meeting someone new. And again, I feel like that is contributing to my growth.

tips for an aspiring girl boss

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Hope this helps those of you ladies looking to make a break as a #GIRLBOSS and those of you that are in the thick of it now. If you are, please let me know if this helped. Tell me more about your business. Do you have any tips and tricks that helped you along the way?

Also, don’t forget about the t-shirt giveaway from I’m Make That. You have til tomorrow night to enter. I’ll announce the winner on Friday with a new workout!

So, tell me:

Any tips for an aspiring girl boss? What are they?
Tell me about your #girlboss journey!