Are you looking for a way to organize your long-terms and short-terms goals, in order to make the most of each day? Look no further than the Passion Planner. In this Passion Planner Review, I’ll share my thoughts on this awesome tool and give you a chance to win your own!

passionplannerreviewgraphicPASSION PLANNER REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Hey Friends and hello Tuesday post! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve linked up with 2 of my favorite ladies, Jill and Jess, for The Fit Dish. The optional topic this week is: Habits of Highly Productive People.

I like to think of myself as a productive person, most days out of the week. I get such a rush from banging out items on my todo list over a cup of coffee. Although, now that I’m doing this whole #girlboss thing, I have feel like I have allllll the things on my todo list, alllll the time.

A few weeks ago, one of my clients told me about her Passion Planner, the tool she would use to keep track of her nutrition goals (keeping them where she will see them everyday). It seemed like a cool planner, but admittedly, I completely forgot about. Instead, a week or so last I ended up purchasing a new Moleskin to double as a planner and todo list.

I found that I needed everything in one spot: my daily meetings, my todo list, the items I completed, and just random thoughts from the day. I created my own little ‘planner’ each day. Well, my client mentioned her Passion Planner again, as I mentioned my new ‘planner’. This time, I checked it out right after our call, and ended up purchasing later that afternoon.

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Not only is the website beautiful, but this planner is a thing of beauty. Think: monthly, weekly, and daily todo list, meets inspirational quotes, meets long-term/short-term goal planning, meets mind map, meets, notebook for random #girlboss thoughts.

The planner was created by Angelina Trinidad as a way to help people overcome feelings of “directionless floating”, something she experienced post-graduation, by creating a tool that sat people down to clearly define their goals and dreams, break them down into more actionable steps, and then write them in a place that they would see and use everyday.

She “wanted to make a tool encouraged not only thinking about their goals, but taking action towards them a part of their daily lives.” She hit the nail right on the head. Here are some benefits of the Passion Planner:

passion plannerEach week, the planner gives you the option to write a focus for the week, list good things that happened during the week, a little dose of word inspiration, personal & work to-do lists, broken up by priority, a place to take notes/brainstorm, create a focus for the DAY, and a daily calendar, broken up in 30 minute increments.

You can choose from an Academic Calendar Planner (what I picked), a Year long calendar, or a Blank calendar. There is a large size, like I have, or a smaller compact fit-in-your purse size (5.5 x 8.5).

passion planner


I just started using the Passion Planner a few weeks ago, so I’m still figuring out how I will use all the components. I purchased Stabilo pens and will get some new highlighters because I’ve found that highlighting my meetings each day really help me visualize how much time I have during the day to do certain tasks. I’ll also purchase tiny post-it notes to help organize the things I need to do each day.

IMG_5316 passion plannerOne component I wish the planner contained would be more space for a To-Do list and a Completed list. I added a Completed list to my Moleskin and it was helpful to be able to look back on my day to see what I actually did, especially on particularly busy days, when I didn’t feel like I did anything! I’ve tried writing the things I completed in the time calendar section, but it didn’t work as well as I would like. Which is another reason why I’m going to get the tiny post-its.

Overall, I love it. I’m a visual, creative person, so having a tool like this just makes my crazy todo list, fun. Plus, those inspiration words and action steps that follow – love it!

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I was actually in Ohio when the planner arrived, over Labor Day, so it had to sit in the Post Office for a couple days. When I picked it up, I was presented with 2 packages. I made sure I only ordered and paid for 1, which I did. I emailed Passion Planner about it and rather than send me a return label, the gave me the green light to share the extra planner with one of my lucky readers!!!

All you need to do is fill out the widget below! The winner will receive an August 2015 – August 2016 Classic Academic PlannerWinner will be announced on Friday!

Passion Planner Giveaway

Do you incorporate balance into your everyday routine? How?

– Jen.

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