These 6 Bosu Ball Exercises will not only enhance your dynamic balance, but will build your core, while delivering a solid workout. This one is a bit different, as it’s a slower workout, so you have time to really focus on the muscle groups you are working! Modifications provided for all moves, so it’s perfect for all fitness levels!



Happy Friday! I’m so pumped for the weekend. You? I’ll give you some weekend details at the end of the post.

We are nearing the end of week 2 of the #BosuStrong Challenge with Fit Approach and Bosu. Have you been joining in?! I hope so. If you are on my newsletter list, you know I gave out a little challenge to find some life balance this weekend! Being intentional about incorporating balance into my routine this week has been a GAME. CHANGER. in such an awesome way. I’ll share details soon.

Today, I’ve my sharing 6 of my favorite unilateral balance moves (remember the benefits of a unilateral workout?), in a ‘slow’ workout. In my classes, specifically, sometimes participants tend to blow through exercises, completing them as quickly as possible. While I understand that they want to get their heart rate up and most classes are fast paced, performing moves quickly all the time can take away from all the exercise has to offer.

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Take the Single Leg Romanian Deadlift:  Most people bob up and down through the move. This tells me that they would spend more time working on balance, as well as engaging their core. If you take a SL RDL slowly, focusing on your abdominal muscles, engaging those glutes and hamstring – hot damn, it’s a tough move!


  • Bosu Ball (or other unstable surface)
  • 1 set dumbbells (8-10# +)
  • Mat


I’ve suggested 10 reps for all the moves in this workout, as well as provided a beginner & advanced modification. The workout shows intermediate modifications. Go through circuit 2-4 times. All moves are unilateral, so complete the entire workout on one side first, then move to the other for the second round.

I’m recommending that you take these moves SLOWLY. Keep your mind on your muscles. Really think about engaging your core (abdominals, glutes, quads, hamstrings). You can certainly move through this quickly, but I encourage you to go slow and reap the benefits!

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  • You do not need a Bosu to participate in this challenge. If you do not have one, you can do just bodyweight, or just an aerobic step/sidewalk. Get creative!
  • BOSU wants to remind all participants that standing on a BOSU with the dome facing down is not proper form. Performing push-ups, mt. climbers, spidermans, etc. with dome side down is OKAY.

bosu ball exercise

bosu ball exercises

  • PENDULUM LUNGES: With shoulders back and down, and abdominals engaged, perform a forward lunge. Immediately move into a reverse lunge, using the same leg, not letting foot touch ground through the transition. Perform all reps on one side, first round. Move to other side, second round.
    BEGINNER: Tap foot between the front lunge and reverse lunge. AND/OR, lose the weight or use low weight.
    ADVANCED: Perform with one foot on Bosu Ball. AND/OR, up the weight.
  • SL HALF STIR THE POT: Stand on one leg, grounding through heel, contracting glute, pelvis slightly tucked, shoulders back and down, abdominals contracted. Hold 1 weight in both hands. Push weight out in front of you, circle to the side of the standing leg, and pull back to the starting position.
    BEGINNER: Perform off the Bosu Ball. Perform with both legs on ground. AND/OR, decrease the weight.
    ADVANCED: Up the weight.
  • SL ROMANIAN DEADLIFT: Pick a leg to start with, put weight in heel with a slight bend in the knee, glute squeezed, pelvis slightly tucked, shoulders back and down. Weights in both hands (or on one side). Hinge at hip, bracing core to bring back parallel to the ground. Keep core tight and squeeze glute as you come back to stand.
    BEGINNER: Lose weight, AND/OR, keep ‘elevated leg’ touching the ground slightly, with all weight on standing leg.
    ADVANCED: Perform on Bosu Ball. AND/OR, up the weight.
  • BIRD DOG: Come into tabletop position, wrists under shoulders, knees under hips. Press through palms, and lift leg leg, engaging glutes and lower abdominals. When ready, lift right arm straight out, like you are shaking someone’s hand. Maintain a straight line from fingertip to toes.
    BEGINNER: Lift just leg or just arm. Alternate.
    ADVANCED: Perform on Bosu Ball. AND/OR, once arm/leg are stretched out, contract core muscles to bring elbow and knee together, return to start.
  • ICE SKATER:Stand on one leg, grounding through heel, contracting glute, pelvis slightly tucked, shoulders back and down, abdominals contracted. Jump from side to side, landing in heel, and pushing off heel with each jump. Keep core contracted to maintain balance.
    BEGINNER: Perform on ground. AND/OR, quick step from side to side, if jumping is not for you.
    ADVANCED: Jump from one Bosu to another, maintaining a strong core. Learned this from my girl Renee.
  • PLANK LEG LIFT W/KNEE TAPS: Assume hand plank position, with core tight, lift one leg off the ground. Using that same leg, bring the knee to the same side elbow, then to the opposite side elbow. Return to start.
    BEGINNER: Perform on ground.
    ADVANCED: Once leg is lifted, perform a push-up, followed by the knee taps.

Remember to check out other ways to progress balance moves.

Man, I feel like that was a doozy to write, for some reason. I’m pumped it’s Friday, friends. I’ve got yoga at 10, gym class with my siblings at 11:30 and then a birthday part for my Aunt later tonight. Plus, I’m catching up on SCANDAL & THE MINDY PROJECT! I’m so pumped both of these shows are back!

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What are your favorite Bosu Ball balance moves?

– Jen.

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