As an aspiring #girlboss, do you make business (and personal) development a priority? One of my favorite ways is through podcasts. Today, I’m sharing my top 3 podcasts for entrepreneurs, aka, Girl Bosses.


I love podcasts. Love them. I mentioned this a couple times before on the blog. Two weeks ago, I shared some tips for aspiring Girl Bosses. And today, I thought I’d break down that post a bit more and share some of my favorite podcasts.

There are SO MANY out there. For a while I was just trying out a few a week, to see which ones resonated with me the most. While this is not an exhaustive list of all the amazing casts out there, or a list of all that I have listened to, these 3 I listen to on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.

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podcasts for entrepreneursIn my post for an Aspiring Girl Boss, I hinted to the fact that I am a fan of Diane. Guys, I freaking love her. Major fangirl over here. I found her through Balanced Bites and while I am by no means strict paleo, as a nutrition coach, her and Liz shared such valuable information and delivered it in an easy to understand way.

When I found Diane’s business cast, I was hooked from the beginning. Her casts are:

  • SHORT + FULL OF SOLID INFO: I’ve noticed, over the past few months, that if I am going to take the time to listen to a podcast or Periscope, I want to know what I’ll be listening to, up front. Don’t spend 5-15 minutes telling my fluffy stuff or saying random things that have nothing to do with the topic. Diane is focused, getting to the point right off the bat. And even though the episodes are short, she provides so.much. amazing content – see my next point.
    I don’t always have time to listen to a 50+ minute cast either. If I’m listening, I want the cast to be filled with solid information. Most of the BABAB episodes are under 30 minutes, some around 15. They are manageable so I can listen while I’m cooking breakfast or cleaning the kitchen. And short enough that when I want to do a binge listen, I can get a few in a short amount of time.
  • CHALLENGING: She will make you question why you are an entrepreneur, which, in my opinion, a sign of a good coach. In most of her episodes, I’m challenged in a way to grow myself and my business. One of my favorites is called ‘You are Not Taylor Swift (How to Connect Over the Chasm)’. It really put things into perspective for me, in terms of growing an online business, doing work in person/in the community, and even just responding to comments on Instagram.
  • REAL: She doesn’t sugar coat things, but presents information in such a way inspires you to work harder, and for a purpose. Episodes cover things like Fear, Change, Hustle, Handling Criticism and more.

The other thing I really like about this cast (there are so many) is the episodes are set up in order of how you would go about things if you were just starting your business. Even though I’ve technically been in a business for over a year, each episode offers a piece of advice or some kind of challenge that I can use to grow the business…or even myself.

Errr, I am writing a novel on Diane. Can you tell I’m a fangirl?! On to the next podcast.

THE CHALENE SHOW – Chalene Johnson

podcasts for entrepreneursFriends, honestly, I didn’t want to listen to Chalene. I didn’t think she had much to offer. However, I listened. And I fell with her podcast. I listened to episode after episode  on my flights to/from BlogFest. Chalene has another podcast more focused on business, but I really like the balance in The Chalene Show, of business and personal development. Some of her older episodes on Confidence are my favorite. She talks about to-do lists, goals, nutrition, exercise, and social media tips. These are the episodes I listen to when I want to learn, but my brain can’t handle anything too intense. I still learn, but it’s at a much easier pace, if you know what I mean.


podcasts for entrepreneursA few years ago, I was introduced to Dave Ramsey. I didn’t like him. One of my best thugs is a Dave fangirl when it comes to his money management, so I thought I’d give him a try a couple weeks ago. Then my new biz coach mentioned the EntreLeadership Podcast and I figured I needed to give it a go. I started with the first episodes and was hooked after the first one. Dave Ramsey is pretty good, friends. Most of the episodes include an excerpt from Dave speaking at the EntreLeadership Conferences, along with a show guest. They include some big name people Simon Sinek (great one), Dan Cathy (gotta love Chik-fil-a), Seth Godin, Gretchen Rubin, and John C. Maxwell (just listened to this one yesterday!)! And each episode has amazing information and insights for leadership.


Now, as a busy #girlboss, I don’t always have time to sit down with a pen and paper (or with my laptop), listen to a podcast and take notes. I like to multitask. Here are 3 ways I like to listen to my podcasts.

  1. WHILE WALKING: At least 2, if not 3-4 times a week, I will pop in my headphones, lace up my sneaks, and set out for a walk, while listening to a podcast (I was listening to EntreLeaderhip in that pic!). I get in my steps for the day, and I learn at the same time. My Evernote is on my phone, so if there is a particularly good piece of information I want to remember, I type it out.
  2. WHILE COOKING/CLEANING: In the morning, when I have a break between clients/work, I put on an episode while I clean up the kitchen or make breakfast. I even listened while folding laundry on Monday. If I have the option between listening to a podcast and music, I usually opt for the podcast, unless I just really need a brain break and want some solid singing time.
  3. WHILE WORKING…: I usually do not opt for podcasts while writing or reading or even creating workout plans sometimes. However, if I’m creating a graphic for the blog, or catching up on my Bloglovin’ feed, I’ll turn on an episode. I like to have background noise on while I work and sometimes podcasts are a better choice than watching another episode of The Mindy Project – one I’ve likely seen 2-3 times already.

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I really enjoy Pat Flynn’s podcast as well, however, I find that there is so much to offer in each episode that I can’t be doing anything else when I listen – so many notes to take! Amy Porterfield is another I’ve been playing around with, trying to decide if I like it enough to add it to my iTunes feed permanently.

So, tell me, are you enjoying these types of posts where I talk about different #girlboss things? Are you missing Recipe Wednesday’s? I have some recipes on the way (a butternut squash, white bean & tempeh chowder!!), but I’ve really been enjoying sharing these tips and tricks. Hopefully these posts have been help other lady bosses out there. Give me some feedback and let me know!

Do you listen to podcasts? What are some of your favorites?

– Jen.

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