Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things, in the latest edition of Friday Favorites. Check out what things are at the top of my list, learn about new partnerships, and find out about my Booya Fitness Plan!

friday favoritesHAPPY FRI-YAY!!

Another busy week means I am PUMPED for Friday to be here. I have the whole day off, except for a quick assessment for a new personal training client. She is one of my AMAZING bootcampers and she’s doing a 1 month self-led fitness plan…and she is going to ROCK at it! But other than that, it’s catching up on Scandal, Vampire Diaries, and doing some work on the blog, while lounging in bed!

I’m especially excited for today’s post because I’m sharing 2 new partnerships! I think you guys will love them as much as I do!



mondi matIsn’t that a gorgeous mat? I won this from Garage Grown Gear in a giveaway from the fabulous Jill Conyers (I’m linking up with her today!). I love the peacock and color…even though I have a purple/blue Namaste mat (which I also love). It’s thick and comfy. Plus, it’s a little longer than most yoga mats. If you are in the market for a new one, check out Garage Grown Gear. Lots of awesome options!


I taught my first cycle class 2 weeks ago. This is after only taking 4-5 spin classes in my lifetime, and after being certified through Keiser a month earlier. I’m happy to say it was a success. And I’m kind of in love with it. I only teach one class a week, but I find myself wanting to hop on the bike for a few minutes each time I walk by the studio to teach my other classes.

Spinning is no freaking joke. And I might…might prefer this form of cardio over running. Gah, did I actually type that!? I do still love to run, but man, spin is darn fun.

spinclassAnd now, every song I hear on the radio, I think ‘Can I ride to this?’ It’s funny because I started teaching group classes with bootcamp, so I never really felt like I learned how to teach using the 32-count. Then I began doing BodySculpting class, so I had to learn a bit. I find it was easier to pick music for spin that for my other group classes. When I get certified, they promoted using the LA music, however all the instructors said they use their own music – now I know that they mean.

Spin Instructors, what are your favorite places to look for music?


Speaking of music, anyone else so pumped that The Voice is back? It’s seriously one of my favorite shows. And now The Hubs likes it. He asked to watch it on Wednesday and was a bit disappointed that there was only 1 new episode.

Also, speaking of The Voice, my Spotify randomly played a song by Taylor John Williams. I definitely remember him from the show and I’ve listened to him stuff on repeat the past few days. His version of Heartless – in love. I really like almost every acoustic, non-Kayne version of the song (Kanye’s version isn’t too bad).


Finally, Vampire Diaries is on Netflix. My sister finished in 2 day…#obsessed. I’m still working through episodes, but that Kai is darn good at playing a psycho killer.

And in the world of grown up shows, I’m loving The Mindy Project, obviously. I just wish Peter was back; he was my fav. Scandal is just meh, right now. I am just not a fan of Liv & Fitz. But, as long as Jake is on. So dreamy.

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Okay, time for the fun partnership reveals you’ve been waiting for. Although, if you read the post title, you already know one of them. And if you are a newsletter subscriber (click that link if you aren’t on the list yet!), you got a sneak peek yesterday. First up:


There is a fun new badge on the right side of the blog. I’m teamed up with a cool company called Liv360. Imagine a site filled with unique health & wellness products that’s a cross between Pinterest & Amazon. Sounds interesting, right?

You can sign up and create a profile. Then check through their shop filled with different health & wellness products. ‘Love’ a product and it shows up on your profile. If it is a product of a company that has a partnership with Liv360, you can purchase it right there! There is also an opportunity to add your favorite products to your profile. All you do is copy the link, upload and it shows up on your profile. Products can be organized into lists and categories for easy organization.

I’m planning on utilizing Liv360 as a resource for the blog and my training/nutrition clients to see my favorite products and those that I recommend. You can check out my profile and see what I’ve started ‘Loving’!

By signing up and creating a profile, you can get 15% off your first order by using code GIVEME15!


booya_fitness_planIsn’t that the best graphic! Prita from Booya Fitness reached out to me to see if I’d interested in creating a workout program, utilizing workout videos, created by fitness professional they partner with. Um, yes.

Booya Fitness seeks to make fitness fun and exciting by allowing individuals to discover workouts they love anytime, anywhere, by offering the widest variety of on-demand ONLINE fitness classes, created by the industry’s leading studios & instructors. Their workout video library is extensive and the videos are no joke. Each video comes with a playlist that you can use while doing the workout. Membership is $9.99/mo.

I created a high intensity 4 week workout that will get you in shape to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. I’ve chosen a variety of strength, cardio and yoga workouts. Each day you will receive an email with workout and nutrition tips, along with some encouragement. For those SPA’s, I’ve even included some UrbanKick workouts, so if you are doing the challenge, you can count those videos! To access my plan, it’s only an additional $4.99 on top of your Booya monthly membership!

I plan on working with Booya in the future, so be on the lookout for announcements about new plans!

I really have no plans this weekend. I teach tomorrow and I want to practice my spin class for Monday. Other than that, what is a girl to do?!

Tell me your favorites! What are you doing this weekend?

– Jen.

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