Modality of the Month is a new series from Burpees for Breakfast. Each month learn about a new fitness modality (equipment or workout structure) and receive a new workout each week, utilizing that modality. This month we are all about PYRAMID WORKOUTS!

Pyramid-Workouts-ModalityA new month means a new Modality of the Month! I couldn’t decide what type of equipment I wanted to focus on this month, so instead, I settled on a workout structure! Can’t wait to tell you more!


There are so many different ways to structure a workout: horizontally loaded, vertically loaded, tabatas, AMRAPS, timed circuits, deck of cards, supersets, straight cardio, etc…and the list goes on. I’ve shared quite a few from each category on the blog, except for Pyramid Workouts.

I somewhat selfishly picked this structure, so I could work on creating new pyramid workouts. It just so happens that it benefits you greatly because you get 3 brand spanking new pyramid workouts to try out.


Pyramid workouts, also ladder workouts, can be set up a couple different ways, the most common based on time and/or reps. The idea is to either start at the bottom, with a low rep range or short amount of time, work your way UP the pyramid, only to work your way back DOWN. I also like pyramid workouts that start with the highest rep range/time, work down to the lowest, then goes back up. Those workouts are tough!

Since we just finished up the #BosuStrong Challenge and there are exactly 3 weeks left in October, this Modality of the Month will start today and end on the 30th of October. That means 3 new and creative pyramid workouts each Friday in October. I’m planning on sharing a workout that is time based, rep based, and a reverse pyramid.

I’ll be sharing a post on some of the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT), since the workouts will be HIIT. I don’t want to divulge too much information because we will have lots more to talk about regarding HIIT for upcoming MotM posts. This means a couple extra fall recipes and Girl Boss ramblings!

Check out more Pyramid Workouts!

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Friends, did you have a good weekend? It was seriously, so #fall like this weekend, it was wonderful. Lots of walks outside, wore my oversized sweater alot, ate CHILI, played The Civil Wars like crazy (their version of Billie Jean – in love!), finished season 6 of Vampire Diaries (Kai might be my favorite villain over Klaus, just saying…) and, we finally got a new comforter – and it looks like fall!!

Don’t forget to check out my Booya Fitness Plan! It will build strength & endurance to help you fight off any zombie!


Have you ever done a Pyramid Workout before? What was your weekend like?

– Jen.

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