This Bodyweight Pyramid Workout is rep based, high intensity, can be done anywhere, requires no equipment, and will have you sweating in no time!

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Happy Friday Friends!

How has your week been? Are you pumped for the weekend? Today, I’m excited to share the first workout for the new Modality of the Month. We are focusing on pyramid workouts all month long. As promised, this workout is rep based.

I decided to start simple and go for a bodyweight pyramid workout. This means you can do this workout anywhere – at home, outside, at the gym. With the exception of a mat, you will not need any equipment. However, if you prefer to add some weight to a few of the moves, I won’t stop you!

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Take this bodyweight pyramid workout at a decently quick pace. You don’t want to necessarily go ‘all out’, but do go at a higher intensity. There is no designated ‘rest’ outlined, so you will rest when you need to.


  • YOU!
  • Optional: Mat, step/box/chair & Music


Move through workout, completing exercises and repetitions prescribed. Rest when needed. * You could set a timer, see how long it takes to complete 1 round. Then do another round and try to beat the time, or complete in a couple weeks and see if you can beat time!

** I initially created the workout to have all single side moves done for the RX reps on each side, ie. 30 side lunges per side, 20 SL RDL & reverse lunges per side. I did one full round this way on Thursday, then did a round doing the RX reps total, ie. 30 side lunges total and 20 SL RDL & reverse lunges total. The first round took about 16 minutes, the second round took about 10. Tweak the reps for the single side moves if necessary, especially based on your timeframe.


  • For any single side moves, perform on one side the first round and the other side the second round.
  • For an extra burn, complete the RX rep for each single side move on each side! This is initially how I had this workout set up. It adds an extra 5 or so minutes and a big time burn!

bodyweight pyramid workoutbodyweight pyramid workout1THE MOVES

  • BURPEES: Standing upright, with shoulders back and down, come into a squat, bringing hands in front of your on the ground. Either step or jump both legs back into a plank position, immediately lowering down, touching chest to ground. Push back up, keeping core contracted, snap hips and jump or step feet back up towards hands, coming back into squat position. Drive through heels and jump up.
  • PUSH-UPS: See my tips for push-up mastery.
  • SINGLE LEG DIPS: Find bench, sidewalk, or step, have a seat, and place hands shoulder width apart, right under your butt. Move forward and raise one leg. Lower down until elbows are at 90 degrees. Push back up to start. Elbow should go straight back, not out. *Place both feet on ground for regression.
  • SL RDL & REVERSE LUNGE: Pick a leg to start with, put weight in heel with a slight bend in the knee, glute squeezed, pelvis slightly tucked, shoulders back and down. Hinge at hip, bracing core to bring back parallel to the ground. Keep core tight and squeeze glute as you come back to stand, lifting knee at the top. Immediately move into a reverse lunge, using the same leg, not letting foot touch ground through the transition. Drive through front heel and squeeze glute to stand.
  • TOUCH DOWN SQUAT JUMP & 2 LUNGE JUMPS: Standing upright, jump down into a squat, keeping chest lifting, and touch ground with one hand. Explode up to stand, immediately landing in a split lunge stance, driving through heels. Explode up out of the split lunge, switching legs, and landing back in a lunge position. Jump up again, this time, back into the squat jump. See demo here!
  • SIDE LUNGES:  Perform a side lunge by moving left foot out to the side, parallel with the right food. Grounding through heel, stick butt back, keeping chest lifted. Push off heel and return to start.
  • SKATERS: Coming into an athletic stance, jump from right to left, landing in heel. Squeeze glutes and inner thighs. Once you get a rhythm down, try to pick up the pace.
  • KNEE, KNEE, KICK, JAB: Standing upright, bring right knee up twice, as arms ‘chop’ down, followed by a side kick with the right leg. Place leg on ground and pivot on the left foot, bringing left arm across body with a punch.
  • STRAIGHT LEG SCISSOR CRUNCH: Lie with back on ground and arms behind head, legs straight up. Twist right elbow to left knee, while driving right leg down to just hover over ground. Bring right leg up and reset upper body. Twist left arm to right knee, driving left leg down to just hover over ground.
  • SOCCER TAPS: Stand upright, shoulders back and down. Tap toes on step/bench/chair, bring knee up, moving arms back and forth. Pick up the pace once you get into a rhythm.

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Have you done pyramid workouts before? Are you a fan of bodyweight workouts?
Weekend plans?!

– Jen.

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