This Core Pyramid Workout is sure to make those abs burn, while getting them strong! All you need is a timer and mat for this time based bodyweight core workout. Perfect on it’s own or a great compliment to a short full body or cardio workout!


Happy Friday!!!

I know I say it every week, but I am so glad Friday is here. It’s usually like my Saturday and the day when I normally have the day free to work on whatever I need to work on. I taught 8 classes between Monday and Thursday (only participated in 7) and did a couple short workouts on my own – a run on Wednesday and some kettlebell stuff on Tuesday (I need a bit of time to workout on my own these days). My body is done. Done.

>>> Ladies, more workouts does not always produce the results you seek, i.e. weight loss. If I increase my workouts, specifically cardio, in a week, it results in more breakouts and sore muscles. Our body can’t differentiate between ‘good’ stress and ‘bad’ stress – it’s all stress. So, it’s often not happy on weeks when I teach alot. If you aren’t seeing results and you’ve been doing countless hours of working out, it might be time to back off. I’m running a 6 week pre-holiday bootcamp, that focused on short, HIIT workouts, giving you time to do life, but still get in a workout. Email me if you are interested and we can set up a quick 15 minute call to chat.

Okay…let’s get back on track. I told my nutrition coaching client something similar yesterday, and then I wrote this post, so extra working out was still on the brain.


I’ve mentioned before that I am a recovering core workout addict. There was a time that I loved them, but now, I do them on occasion, in favor of incorporating weights and compound exercises into my workout routine instead. I do, however, block of time in my classes for core focused work. It’s usually a very popular request – but let’s remember, tons of ab work will not get rid of belly fat! <Man, I’m a bit feisty today!>

Every now and then, I get the desire to do a strict ab workout. I created this core pyramid workout at the beginning of the week, including some of my favorite core focused moves. After the main 20 minute workout I led for my bootcamp on Wednesday (man, it was a doozy!), they gave me the green light on wanting to try this core pyramid workout. It was brutal! And we didn’t even do the whole thing because of time!

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  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)
  • Mat


The setup is the same as a stacked workout. You will set your timer for :30 sec work and :30 sec work, for 13 rounds. You will complete 1 round working from the first move to the 6th move. After you’ve completed the circuit once, go back UP the pyramid. Start with all 6 moves, :30 sec each, then remove an exercise after each :30 sec rest.

Here is a breakdown of how the workout will flow:

  • Complete exercise 1 for :30 sec. Rest for :30 sec.
  • Go back to exercise 1, complete for :30 sec, followed immediately by exercise 2 for :30 sec, then rest.
  • Move through workout adding on 1 new move after each :30 sec rest.
    • Ex. :30 sec ROPE CLIMB, :30 sec REST; :30 sec ROPE CLIMB, :30 sec PLANK WALK W/KICK, :30 sec rest; REPEAT through entire circuit


Do 2 rounds – down the pyramid, then up – or just up or down. Add to a cardio or short full body quickie.

core pyramid workout core pyramid workout


  • ROPE CLIMB TO DBL LEG EXTENSION: Lay on ground, with knees bent and back flat on ground. Contracting lower abdominals, bring legs up towards the sky, feet flexed. Keeping abdominals tight, ‘climb’ up, tap the toes with both hands. Place hands behind head and slowly lower back down, keeping back on ground. Try to extend all the way down without back coming up and let legs hover, before bringing them back up.
  • PLANK WALKSW W/LATERAL KICKS: Move up and down from hand plank to elbow plank. Keep feet wide, pelvis tucked and glutes tight to prevent hips from wagging back and forth. After coming into elbow plank, lift leg a few inches off the ground, tap right foot to the side, followed by the left. Come back into hand plank.
  • SIDE PLANK (W/KICK): Assume side plank, keeping elbow stacked under your shoulder, hips lifted. Either stack feet or stagger your stance. Hold for 30 sec, or add a kick.
  • CRUNCH W/LEG LIFT & CLAP: Lay on ground, arms and legs overhead. Lift chest, shoulder blades and contract core, as you lift one leg and clap both hands behind leg. Repeat.
  • SIDE CRUNCH W/LATERAL REACH: Lie on side, feet stacked towards the front of the mat, bottom arm stretched out, and top arm resting on hip. Contract obliques, lifting legs and reaching laterally at the same time. Hold, lower, repeat.
  • FULL CRUNCH W/TWIST: Feet flat on the ground, arms overhead with. Bring arms overhead, scoop abdominals and reach up, while twisting to one side. Add a punch, if you like!

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Linking up with Jill today!

I actually really enjoyed this core pyramid workout. It’s great on it’s own and definitely gave my abs a good workout!

I’m enjoying the day off by catching up on some business coaching homework, doing some blog tweaks (so fun!) and watching Scandal, Mindy and Vampire Diaries. I am still on the fence with Scandal and Vampire Diaries. Anyone else watch? What are you think? And, did you hear – NEW GILMORE GIRLS ON NETFLIX!!!!! Best news of the week.

It’s my dad’s birthday today, so I’m making my famous jambalaya tonight!

Are you a fan of core workouts? How do you include them in your workout? Weekend plans?!

– Jen.

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