You are sweating it out at your favorite 45 minute high intensity group fitness class. And as soon as it’s over, you are going to another class, just as difficult. So many women are in this same boat, however, it might not be the best thing to do for weight loss and overall health. Find out my reasons why. 

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Disclaimer: This post is not meant to come across as condemning or accusatory. I am not trying to single out a particular individual. Just sharing my opinion based on experience. 

On Saturday, I taught my weekly BodyWorks + Abs class. Because of the positive feedback, my Saturday class goes through Jillian Michael’s BodyShred format – 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of core. There is no rest in that 6 minute circuit. We usually do a warm-up, 4 circuits, with 30 sec – 2 min rest in between circuits, as I explain the next one, and a ‘burner’ portion at the end, where we do the strength, cardio and core moves back to back. The ‘burner’ ends up being at least a 9 minute circuit, sometimes a few more minutes, with only 1 minute of rest. At the end of the workout, I am usually dripping in sweat.

In every class, I usually have one, if not a handful of ladies, that decide they didn’t get enough of a workout, and rather than rest or stretch, will do more abs, usually in the form of some type of crunch. With some classes I teach, I notice participants staying to go through the next class, which can be as intense, if not more, than my class.

When I see either scenario, I often grumble to myself about how ridiculous it is to do a 45-50 minute high intensity class, and ‘recover’ by doing even more! On Saturday, I had a participant doing weighted donkey kicks in between my explanation and during the stretching portion of the workout, at the end, and…


Now, I did not approach this participant or say anything to the class – I knew I couldn’t express my views in an eloquent way, at the time. But it did push me to write this post, something I hadn’t planned on sharing today.

Ladies, please rest. Please see the value letting your body rest. Understand that you body needs to rest, in order for you to see results. Your body needs to heal and repair from all that is done during your workouts. Please realize that you are stressing your body, by performing high intensity workouts for hours of your day. Do not be afraid to eat, post workout. Replenish energy stores that are shot after working out. Please realize that doing an extra set of weighted donkey kicks will not necessarily get you a perky booty. And sets of crunches will not take away belly fat.

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Ladies, I implore you to learn to appreciate your body. This will take you so much farther and make you feel more amazing than those extra crunches, donkey kicks, and double header fitness classes, ever will. And here is why:

Did you know that our body cannot differentiate between ‘good stress’ and ‘bad stress’? Working out is a stress on the body. Depriving yourself of calories, thinking that skipping a meal will help with weight loss, is stress on the body. Having consistently negative thoughts about your appearance is stress on the body. Spending hours in the gym (on those blasted cardio machines) trying to ‘blast the fat’ is stress on your body.

Stress is stress is stress. If you are in a constant state of stress, you are not going to see the positive changes you want. It’s not going to set you on a trajectory towards a healthy lifestyle.  Did you know that us females tend to show stress in our mid-section? If only crunches would crunch away the stress. When I exercise too much, like last week when I taught 7-45 minute high intensity classes, along with a few 20 minute workouts on my own, my face breaks out. I notice more belly bloat. My muscles ache for days. And I’m just tired. Excessive exercise is stress on the body and excessive stress does not to anything positive.

Ladies, did you know that you can see significantly more benefits in weight loss and reduction in waist circumference by doing shorter, high intensity interval workouts? That class of mine that you attend is designed to help you get maximum benefit in the time allotted. Which means, if you participate in my class, by challenging yourself and using the recommended weight (NOT 2.5# DUMBBELLS!!!! A topic for another day), you will have received your workout for the day. Meaning, unless you have a specific fitness goal you are working on with a trainer, there isn’t really a need to do an additional workout after my class.

Ladies, please eat. Do not be afraid to eat a post-workout snack or meal because you think it will negate everything you just did at the gym. Please do not skip meals because you believe it will help you lose weight. Do you realize that after you do a workout where you have challenged yourself at a high intensity, that your energy stores are lowered? That after doing strength training, your muscles are torn? If you want to see results or even gains, you. must. eat. Food is fuel for your body. Eat. Whole, nutrient dense foods.

And make sure you are consuming an adequate amount of calories, so that your body can function at it’s optimal level. Going for a 1,200 calorie or lower diet is not likely enough to carry about basic body functions, let alone support intense activity level.

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Ladies, please understand I am so passionate because I’ve been in your shoes, at some point in my life. Overstressed, working out as much as I possibly could, and not fueling my body in the proper way.

Rather than continue to keep up with that lifestyle, I stepped out of that ‘comfort zone’ and learned how to make smart choices that had a positive effect on my fitness and nutrition, by cutting down on my workouts, working on stress management techniques, and eating to fuel my body, while enjoying certain foods in moderation. All this had lead to more body confidence and appreciation.

It’s easy to stick with the same routine, I know. But just think what would happen if you changed things up, saw results you are striving for, while learning to appreciate your body at the same time. If you’ve been struggling with finding the right balance in your nutrition and workouts, let’s talk. I am currently taking on new 1-on-1 nutrition coaching clients and would love to help you reach your goals. You can email me right here or leave your email in the comments.

Whew, that was a tough one to write. It’s something I get really worked up about and I had to figure out a way to be passionate, without coming across as a crazy woman. Hopefully I did that effectively. For more on this topic, check out this awesome article from Girls Gone Strong.

How was your weekend, friends? I had quite a few consults with ladies that will be joining my 6 week online bootcamp starting Nov. 2nd. So pumped! I also made a few changes on the website. If you found this post via direct link, go ahead and hit the HOME button and the ABOUT button to check out some fun new updates!

I have a much lighter week, just teaching my normal classes. I finally get to see The Hubs play a volleyball game, have a few fun blog/business meetings, and get to volunteer for our town Halloween festival (sense my sarcasm on that last one).

How do you feel about overexercising? Tell me about your weekend!