A Halloween Workout! Like it’s name, this Double Pyramid Workout is not only fun, but challenging! You will go up and down two pyramids at the same time, getting in a full body workout. Grab a kettlebell, jump rope, mat and timer and let’s get to work!



Happy Friday!!!

Are you ready for the last pyramid workout in our Modality of the Month series? I hope so, because I saved the best for last!

Before we do that, can we just talk about 1980’s aerobic fashion for a hot minute? So, I wanted to go as an 80’s aerobic instructor for Halloween. I have sweet handmade leg warmers and as my hair gets longer, the crazier it gets when it’s blowdried. All I needed was a few piece to create a priceless outfit. Alas, I procrastinated and didn’t purchase a leotard. I found one at Target yesterday and it’s just terrible; it makes me look like I have a double butt. My dreams of looking like the best 80’s aerobic instructor were shattered!

As I was looking for outfit ideas, I could help but fall in.love. with the outfits. I mean, all these ladies look so good – hello, Jane Fonda. Amiright? Why can’t wearing such outfits be acceptable these days? I’d be down for it all, except leg warmers…while working out. Bootcamps are not the best workouts to do with sweaters on your legs.

Plus, I’m on an 80’s music kick right now. I seriously can’t give enough.

And back on track.

A Halloween Pyramid Workout. I was racking my brain for a clever title and halloween-y names for all the moves, but I just couldn’t do it. Then I thought, Mary Kate & Ashley – Double, Double Toil and Trouble. What a perfect name for a double pyramid workout?!

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Friends, it’s been too many weeks since I’ve included a kettlebell in my workouts on the blog and I’ve brought it back today! The kettlebell paired with the jump rope makes for a doozy of a workout. Plus, you’ll be completing 2 pyramids at one time!


  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)
  • Mat
  • Kettlebell (I used 30#)
  • Optional: Pumpkin or Medicine Ball


Set a timer for 20 rounds of :30 sec. Start off at the bottom of the jump rope pyramid by completing 2 minutes of jump rope, followed by 10 uneven push-ups (each side). Continue to go DOWN the jump rope ladder, while going UP the exercise ladder. Once you reach the bottom & top, go back UP the jump rope ladder and DOWN the exercise ladder. Complete 2 rounds.


Since the first round of jump rope is 2 minutes, just go through 4 beeps of the timer. Continue in this fashion, rather than resetting the timer for each jump rope interval.



  • UNEVEN PUSH-UPS: One hand on the bell, one hand on the ground, perform push-ups. For tips and tricks, check out my 5 tips for push-up mastery!
  • GOBLET CLEAN + SQUAT TO OVERHEAD PRESS: Clean the bell with both hand and hold at chest level. Spread feet a little wider than hip width apart, toes turned out slightly. Keeping elbows lifted and out, lower down as low as you can into a squat. Elbows should be on the inside of the knees, ever so slightly pressing them out. Drive through heels to stand and press the bell overhead. Keep pelvis slightly tucked and core engaged to prevent back from rounding.
  • RACKED SIDE LUNGE TO CURTSY LUNGE: Clean and rack kettlebell. Perform a side lunge, lunging on the same side as racked kettlebell. As you come back to center, keep knee elevated and move back into a curtsy lunge, using adductors (inner thighs) to stand back up.
  • RUSSIAN TWIST: Come onto butt, into a V position with heels slightly raised. Grab kettlebell or pumpkin, rotate shoulder girdle from left to right, while maintaining a slight lean back, keeping abdominals contracted. ** For variation, lift feet higher or pedal feet.

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jumpropeLinking up with Jill today!

I’m working all day today and I’m so pumped. I love days when I have no meetings or anything and can just work. Am I weird?

Halloween – tell me what you are going as! We have a bit Halloween event in our town this weekend that we are volunteering for. It’s supposed to be cold and rainy. We decided to go as lululemon models so at least I can be comfy and warm! Check Instagram for photos!

Did you watch MK & A growing up? Are you an 80’s aerobic outfit fan?!